Dog food "with improved taste"?

Why me there are dog food "with improved taste"? Who out the test?

The best answer

Simple advertising strategy to the people to suggest that it is going to taste the dog better.

Most are in such a feed Ortene asy even more attractants inside, which now does not speak for the food.

Tested it on animals. Mars Corp (Chappi, Frolic, etc) makes it that way. One reason this food boycott. Is anyway only cereal waste it.

Because there is in RTL to a show!

Enough ,, ,, volunteers have arrived!

The winner gets a double portion, and may then be eaten with Dieter Bohlen this!

Attendance record!

end sarcasm

Is like many other things an advertising fun and as always without rhyme or reason.

Note: Two more intelligent question and you have to watch television.

Every day 4 hours and only RTL, RTL II, SAT 1 ..........

LG Alex

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