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Hello dear I'll start so I have a large and (Bernese long) and weighs 80kilo is older dn also has joint problems and I'm a little plumper and very unsporting because my knees I go every day 2 hours with the dog out in the Walt walks my father goes every night to him again :) so now I want to take a walk with him and wanted to ask if you can not the sporty design the whole? I want to lose weight so ca 8kilo and would not only get out so I thought my dog ​​has determined what it when he get so comes the question now is there a way that walk the dog sports to make so no jogging does not manage my dog ​​because he always stops to sniff around somewhere but you have ideas? Lg Carola

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for the dog you can not change much, as you describe it. but for you. stands somewhere. Fitness and gymnastics mjeder art and he trots alongside. to you give him a little less feed. and contemplate the one probably for you too.

You could in between, when the dog sniffs, a few squats or stretching signature.

You have a Bernen Mountain Dog dogs of 80kg weight ???

I do not believe you!!!

With such a 80-kilogram Bernese nobody makes sporty walks.

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