Dog freaks in encounter with other dogs

So in as already mentioned our dog freaks out always with other dogs. When I walk, everything is still normal but as soon as he sees another dog starts the theater. He tugs hard on the leash and barking. I keep away from the road and are somewhere to the edge and try to hold him. It is a relatively large and 'strong' dog, namely a German Shepherd mixed breed. What can I do that he behaves calmly and not disengage?

The best answer

what exactly your dog, I can not tell you, but is he aggressive or does he want one probably only playing?

Dogs have an uncanny movement penetrated and naturally want to play with their artgenossen. most dogs are always aggressive on leash. and why this is again, I can not tell you.

but I would advise you if you have not tried it before, the dog school zubesuchen that Huhndetrainer have good tips and your dog as well as the opportunity to play conspecifics.

Or you can make it fit if you see that as another dog comes and he gives the attention. she tries undergo interesting with a toy or Leckerlie if the other dog is over, and he has done nothing to have concentrated Triet on you again, you reward him by giving him the toy or the Leckerlie.

This may be uncertainty. Had he already bad experiences with other dogs? What is your bond?

When my dog ​​was it so that it is totally uncertain towards other dogs and there is attack is the best defense. You would certainly never bite, but pulls like crazy on a leash, is on the brush and barking. We have worked hard on the bond (with Dummytraining, tracking, common hunting and other things) and I no longer forced into such situations that you simply are too tight. Since then, this works better and better, even if I (as precisely) must go wading through the middle of a quicksand-like field, so they she gets her distance needs.

The distance is now, however, only half the size of that time (then it was about 50 meters, otherwise nothing worked).

He tugs hard on the leash and barking

that's an education thing, the dog does not listen and does what he wants.

Go show him in a dog school and let you how you must deal in such situations with the dog!

Please visit with your dog a good nonviolently erziehnede hundeschule -da is peaceful mitenadner trained with other dogs and the biped learn a lot ..

Pick a Trainier. It must first be found out how he does it (zBUnsicherheit)

If one knows how he can make you're working on.

How old is the dog and how long it does it matter?

Is not so bad that you find in humans also, and what is happening there?

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