Dog-friendly restaurant in Genoa and Milan?

Does anyone know of a dog-friendly restaurant in Milan and Genoa for lunch? We drive this weekend to Italy. Hotel is booked but there want to do as well to day trips to Milan and Genoa, we will lunch with security there. But have our Stinker here. Do not know what it looks like in Italy, especially in Genoa with dogs in restaurants.

The best answer

in many restaurants is allowed to bring dogs of.

googling but please 3-5 local that you like and then calls targeted at the demand for the dog.

won the lokcal a terrace is the most komplikatonslos possible.

(I have stayed so long away from italienen now that I can actually say nothing more)

Please never the dog in the car can be! the heizit vi ELZU much on!

(In genuea there the aquarium a pet care, fall erkunidgen want her without dog the region.)

For Genoa I googled:

http: // citta = Genova & category = Ristoran ...?

For Milan: Link in comments.

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