Dog from a shelter for Pfleg

My partner and I wish for a long time a dog - but we can not do justice to the human being's best friend for professional reasons. My question is: Does anyone have experience with dogs in shelters that can daily visit / pick up and run, but just not stay solid at someone.

If such a compound to a dog sometimes a multi-day abduction (for example, during the holiday season) feasible? or "tick" Does it depend on the shelter here majority most homes the same?

Thank you in advance :)

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Hello, So my girlfriend is from time to time at the shelter and must then always go for a walk with a dog for a few hours or spend time. As far as I know this is possible at all shelters. One must be over 16 years old. Before you get a dog, you need to fill out a form and I understand also the identity card produced show. Whether the animals can be taken on vacation, I do not know. I recommend just time to go in person to the shelter and contacting them :)

Good luck :)

Be you aware that such an animal can be conveyed from the shelter at any time. Therefore, it is not in the interest of the shelter, the dog receives great ties with people who does not want to keep him. The animal suffers indeed underneath when it is continuously fetched and issued.

Because you very many animal shelters gladly welcome ...

You can apply yourself at the animal shelters of your choice as a walk-goers. A prerequisite is that you are of legal age ... (but is probably already clear from your question ...) Most animal shelters be a formal briefing ...

I know it so that you know dogs can and then can be on the road for up to 3 hours per day with 1 X. But we also can already respond to consultation times dogs for several hours to a day hike ...

Many things are possible - and each other speaking people can be helped.

Many cute dog snouts will thank you

Thank you for your answers and opinions :-)

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