Dog from a shelter Kranenburg? - Experience?

Hello my dears,

For months planning my partner and I to buy a new family member doglike descent. ;) Now that we have the financial and temporal thoughtful meticulous, it is now a question of where the dog is to be adopted. For us it is clear that we want to bring a pet from a shelter / animal welfare to us. We both have experience with hunting and herding dogs.

Now I have the shelter Kranenburg Kleve found on the Internet. In this shelter, the dogs are kept in herd attitude, which I think is great. There are many hybrids, also from other countries. All great so far. Unfortunately I found the internet very negative reviews (of sick dogs, on false information to grumpy employees who arbitrarily rejected Menscheb). These reviews, however, were very old.

I now would like to know if anyone experiences more recent made this shelter?

I thank you in advance for your help. :)

The best answer

Wow, that you have decided to bring a poor soul from the shelter or protection to you. I've lived the experience, which also exist for many organizations, poor reviews. But have me them not be deterred, to see for myself whether all true. Go look in the shelter, without prejudice and talking with the staff and have a look at the dogs. After everything is different than what you so heard or read.

Heiii :) So I find it good when you rescue a dog from a shelter! But my family wanted to have time to get one from the shelter us, however decided against it despite that we had almost taken a da meant our vet she therefore vlt times a week the dog take to bring diseases because they often come from the street ( one must often look at whether it fits in the family) and take it to the vet :) (often they sometimes broke a leg and therefore put differently but that is no longer bad us they have no pain -> our dog sets always on the side but that's often breed dependent)

Love greetings Lisa :)

answer this question here?

If experience with hunting and herding dogs are present, the page would

maybe interesting. There I would look around me once intense and contact.

It can also serve as a foster family take animal protection dog and if the chemistry is right, you take over the dog. Otherwise, you have an emergency ermöglichst a good basis for negotiation. If Sheepdog, also because there are organizations and associations, such as the Swiss dog. EInfach look in distress at Aunt Google under Bernese or Swiss. Many of these dogs are already in foster care or be what wanted. So you can possibly give information about the emergency and information.

Ps usually they are dogs affectionate degrees when you save should be but then cuddled priori like :)

So you and your partner: Unfortunately, I know this shelter: I only our Shelters know very well from Basel C = H & am. We have more than 40 years always had dogs and now brought a Lahsa Aspo for 6 months at the shelter in our shelter we became outstanding served & although we were allowed the dog for 1 week after take home to look if it goes with him or not, should not it work for you to bring him back and take another animal, these are wonderful diploma. Keepers who work for the welfare of animals. We keep the dog: ie had after 3 days to go to the doctor-Chek again, then pay Fr.600 .-- does a dog, (a girl Fr.900 .--) because castration in the girl's expensive. My wife and I do not want to miss this beautiful guy is, 3 years old: (. These dogs there were 80 pieces were seized by the Schw.Behörden in France because they were treated very badly) Too bad that you do not live in Switzerland two !!! Nevertheless, I wish you luck and please look for a "very good" dogs home made. Friendly greeting tschapa

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