Dog from my friend makes me mentally ready.

Hi, I do not go on what to do yet ?! I am with my boyfriend for a year now together for 4 months we live together in a 60 square meter apartment. He has a rather large dog is not a dog for an apartment in my opinion. Well, he goes only once a walk with the dog on the day for 10 minutes, sometimes even every two days. I can with the dog does not walk because he extremely pulls and rotates when he sees other dogs, and I do not want to risk that the dog losreist and then runs into the street also. The dog is actually a male and castrated when someone comes, the dog about to ram he shagging also just stand in the air, or when we go for a walk and people passing us walk the dog pulls as equal always back and tries in passing the stranger to hump. These runs also, everywhere stick sperm traces rum. The dog always goes on the sofa or the bed. I like that at all, especially if the dog is lying in bed, because he out runs through all the dirt and is then everything always nice in bed and Listings sofa rum. Once he was back in bed, had sent him away, I lay me then back and notice a wet spot ... na super, was once again semen from dog: / nice Listings Sheets strikes. I think that's pretty disgusting. The worst thing is that the dog is always extremely nervous, running up and down, yelps and pfiept rum, whistle is extremely shrill, which I think hardly, since I'm already at the end of nerves. My friend let the dog never alone, anywhere is the towed with out even if we have to go shopping only briefly for 15 minutes by car the dog. We can not go anywhere, cinema, go out to eat or what I know everything falls out because of the dog. We had never done something together, always sit around only in the apartment, that's it. If my friend is a little longer in the bathroom, about 15 minutes, then the dog sits in front of the bathroom door and whines rum, or then terrorized me in the living room. When we hug, hold hands or kiss and the dog sees that he has to go in between the same immediately. Last we went for a walk with the dog, then my friend had kissed and aufmal rotates the dog through, jumping at me, clings to my leg and shagging. I could just hold still so because the dog a bit heavier around 35 kilos. Of course, my friend had the dog then pulled away just me and that's it. I think he is the owner or for the dog of the pack leader, my friend should also show the dog that he must not do that to me. Say I can not also, then bleats around my friend and thinks that I do not like the dog. If my friend wants to sleep, and I'm not tired, I can not sit alone in the living room, because the dog then terrorized me.

The best answer

Honestly call animal welfare to let the dog pick. 10 min walkies every day or every 2 days is cruel. And besides shooting from the idiots, their perches only in the Bube rum..kein movie night or even go eat comfortably as a couple. The dog shagging against stress and probably a disturbed sex drive. If you say what he muffelt rum and does not mean you have the dog likes ?! Hello? If the does not change the situation, then I would sometimes quickly move out of the apartment. Or you pack it to give the dog its outlet it needs 2-3 hours, beließt you about dog training, body language and can very quickly once a dog trainer come to your home. The dog is not raised, has several behavioral problems ... in the air rammeln example is massively under stress and is not required?!?!? Clear as it would like to be your friend 24 hours or more locked up in the apartment. Without cell phone without TV or Internet, without other people !!! So I hope, if not the situation changes slightly, you did attentive neighbors ... inform the animal welfare!

The dog must definitely 3 times a day for at least an hour to get out! This is pure animal cruelty only 10 minutes with him to go out no wonder that he is racing like that. He desperately needs someone of his limits shows, auspowert him and a visit to the dog school would also be recommended. can not hurt to let him might castrate well. I'm doing an internship at the shelter and we had such a similar case. The owner is almost never get him out, has not been taken care of him and he was held only in the basement. Since then, he is in the shelter, it is much quieter. If I were you would your friend say that it can not go on! The dog needs education and spout.

Hi! Honestly, you would have actually in the interest of the dog (!!) Report on welfare. This has nothing to do with a competent dog ownership and as you are the first loss event is describing out much longer - and you have a good map that you are that. And then who gets the blame? The poor dog and not your friend. And you want to also nothing to do, so that the dog gets respect in front of you - what I can, however, understand something. But the only time on the edge. For your problem: why do you want to pursue this relationship anyway? You come far behind the dog and your friend, it is but apparently could not care less that you like so feel uncomfortable. There are only two possibilities: either need Your friend here paying attention, train your dog, ensure outlet and take a castration in attack - or you should terminate this situation for you, looking for their own home and let him even without a dog - what if it's up to you, is your friend try what to change. If not, shoot him in the wind. Wish you all the best! Gruss Don

So, after I have read here, I doubt that the issue is real.

If it is true that the dog only once comes out once a day or every other day, the urine and feces in the small apartment would have piled neatly, so no normal people live. It must prevail truly terrible conditions in the apartment.

And then, the FS complains that it is not doing together. As for regular, large rounds would be with the dog? Several times täglich.So the poor animal is sometimes out there, it would be least busy and the couple takes time before the door.

And then you could go to a good obedience school, time seems to have been enough ....

But the FS takes for each proposal the reasons why it does not work, I really do not know what to make of it.

I really hope that there is a Fakefrage, everything else would be a complete animal cruelty. The couple's relationship before I leave outside, adult people can make a difference in their lives when it no longer fits. The poor dog can not do this if the question is genuine, I very much hope that a neighbor times informed the veterinary office.

The dog belongs to other hands where it is held properly. A dog must be at least 3 times a day to get out ...

the dog is not a bit busy, but is no wonder that he behaves like that. He has nothing he can do. Your friend is too lazy to go out with the dog, you dare not you because the dog is not trained.

It's best to look for a new home for the dog. What does your friend bordering Tirerquälerei.

The dog would have at the shelter better than you! You can not only every two days with the poor guy out! Twice a day is the minimum, at least half an hour! And you wonder that he is not busy? Dogs have to run, romp, discover new. Your squats all day in a 60 square meter apartment, the only social contacts you are. And you care insufficient to him. The part in a dog obedience school when he pulls and is not available. And even if your friend is the owner, I find that you have a responsibility to the dog. Finally, you are the only person who still mitkriegt except your friend, what's going on with you at home. And that borders on cruelty to animals! So to be sure that you get your friend to reason. Either he has to pay more attention to the little ones or he has to separate from him and give him. But it can not go on definitely!

So what your friend is doing is cruel, every dog ​​should several hours a day out can. The dog does not make you crazy wonder. If he does not care for the animal, he should give it to us. And the animal can absolutely nothing for his behavior

So I have to sit in the bedroom. I do not get along with this intrusive type of dog. That's why I always go to distance. Then my friend introduced me to the last race, I do not always go on clearance at the dog. I also suffer from depression, and prefer rather tranquility that knows my friend also. But he does not understand my behavior apparently. He also said to me once just like that, if he had to choose between me and the dog, he would opt for the dog and break up with me. And I do not do anything bad, except that I'm only on distance halt. I do not have the dog sit all day on my lap or let fuck on my leg. I really do further more. I love my friend about anything and does not want so our relationship is broken!

Why do not you with him in the dog school and änderst actively something to your situation? This would give the dog and good for you (your friend as well, but that seems unreasonable). Actually you have no choice you to arrange with the dog or give your friend.

Separating yourself from your friend, the dog is always more important than you! So what do you want there? And ask yourself again why the dog is so !? Would the dog once a day come out, I would also rotate through! This must be reported real time the clerk's office! The poor dog really eh .. If you can not train your dog and not can give him what he needs then you must not you also complain ..

How about the castration and enough movement for the dog? That alone would be fix something!

Poison is the only solution! No nonsense ... try to be with the dog and he needs in any case more expiring strict!

Do you know this song? Say where you come from ... ??? From Troll Hausen look over here ...

It's only been a few weeks since we have the same story was here served ...

And even if a grain of truth is given, then I wonder why the questioner also only a single day longer stays with her boyfriend and the catastrophic dog ...

Other fish in the sea sons !!!

The dog is neither busy nor was he educated as me does not surprise his behavior.

Go out, then you have your peace.

The poor dog !

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