Dog frsiis ball quickly!

I have ienen dog, he is the friend of my grandmother. I wanted spieln with it and have to give in a little footbal, but he can not anscheind aportieren. He always runs away when I want to grab balll.

Now he splits it also, I find not so bad, but I think he also eats a few parts.

Is that bad? what should I do? not that he die, or what gets to the intestine! Help!!!

The best answer

Yes, that's bad for the dog. Attempt to take away the ball to him or lock him with a Leckerlie away, then bring it into the house and dispose of the ball.

Let examine a vet your dog. Good can not be for him to eat a ball.

but I think he also eats a few parts.

then catch the dog and take him the ball clear. Lock him and directing him with treats of his action

Instead of asking here you'd better pick up the ball the dog. Lock him with treats or other toys and take the ball from him

replace the ball against feed and give him no more

Oh man you should not be a dog ... Stupid questions instead of taking the dog the ball clear. The dog should now be observed in any case! If what's weird, off to the hospital!

USER another toy.

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