Dog fur - Black fur fashion hair?

My dog ​​has black / white / brown fur, but when stroking through the coat (against the grain) one realizes that the individual hairs are black only at the tips and the hair is actually mostly white. Why is that?

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Because due to the case.

My dog ​​has light brown only on the tips, underneath the bottom is all white. Even our old Dachshund was similar. The tips were black, the middle white and gray below again.

It is easy to coat color and is quite normal.

which is quite different - even my 3 colored shiba inu does have a black opaque color, but if you against the dash sweeps is hide everything there brownish ...

only my other dog is black (mean time rather gray) with pure white paw ...

that `s how it is!

good question, but my dogs have also. might have simply because no pigments? I would be interested synonymous times :)

Some breeds grow on grain white hair. My Cane Corso is three years old, and has here and there a white hairs in black fur, but that is not age-related and not so bad. I'm blond and have occasionally dark brown hair;)

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