DOG GIFT! What should I do?

Hi I'm 12 and today out tomorrow with my dog. And so came a car has (full street with houses) opened window next to our 6 family house parked and then he and invoked someone and said anything with dog biscuits. After calling a younger man is to him boarded (old man and old car) are dannach the fast I moved away think because I zzgehört .. and in the parking lot is already for few days a dog biscuit .. he Sets Dog poison or what ?! Help what should I tuhen?

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You take this dog biscuit - touch with towels - and stick it in a plastic bag. Your parents should be examined at the Gesunheitsamt / Veterinary. Have an indicator of the car? If not, you can - if that really poisoned - not much to do, except the police gives an indication that here expounds someone poison. lg Lilo

Can the cookie so take time and bring to a vet and express your suspicion of poison

No attempts some games because biscuit or throw in just gone

throwing biscuits into the bin and take care of your dog.

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