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Have been given months ago about 2 dog. He hatt mor and my boyfriend hand on it given that the dog and is now. (We have eyewitnesses) I was totally in love with the dog the SKN Theory school started. So now he wants it back. But we have an oral contract to he comes want them unswegnehmen and give someone abdrem. (My friend has himself a dog), he even stood at the door and wanted to take the dog because we have the police turned on the said verbal contract is legally valid. So the dog stayed with us. Now it is so I do not have papers of the dog as I can that it is rewritten to me ?? have such fear that they wiedrr back must :(

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A dog does not need "papers" except a vaccination certificate from the veterinarian and a tax stamp from the tax office. In both you going easy, say the dog's and possibly the race and is good.

If he does not, he gets implanted for identification by the vet a chip. If he has a, let read the veterinary advice and carry the number in the vaccination card. Also a registration at Tasso is useful (free nix)

I have no papers of the dog as I can do that it is rewritten to me ??

importance of the vaccinated animals, it is also the chip number. If you do not have this, go to the vet and let you issue a new passport. Simultaneously, the TA will determine the chip number. In Tasso (central pet registry) You must stating the chip number the dog then log on your behalf.

Sign Fiscally You have the dog at your church, in the town hall, there you get then the tax stamp!

can best go tierazt dogs pass be exhibiting his hope is chipped then login if not let getting chipped for dog tax and already has the other no chance

one way would be by signing the dog in the community and a tax stamp receive. Share photos.

You have the tax bill ... You have (probably) finished a dog owner liability insurance for the dog, did you get a vaccination certificate with your vet ... - all these documents have you actually made as the owner of the dog.

In addition, you should read the chip number. to register on your behalf at TASSO ...

And where is the problem?

(A mistake you made when you can give you the surrender of the dog does not have a written form)

But you are not saying that there were witnesses to the "gift" and if the police has said that the oral contract is in order ...

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