Dog grandma is afraid of other dogs!

Hello! I have a little problem that is the dog of my grandma. He is generally totally different from other dogs. He hunts no toy behind, he can not hear and has especially afraid if he does not know it exactly. He is not accustomed to walks he is always sent only in the garden. He'm totally sorry, and I also think that my grandmother better a cat should have bought. I go sometimes with him out, but his biggest problem is that he has a panic fear of other dogs. Buddy is a Yorksher Terrier and whenever he sees another dog, he will stop immediately and will turn around. If the dog gets closer he runs constantly away from him and junkt loud. Mostly I have to take him on the arm. The reason is that Buddy was bitten when all first walk as a puppy directly from a dog. The little understood only with the dog of my aunt and also plays a lot with him. Does anyone have advice on how Buddy gets back to a normal dog without which I must visit him every day?

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A start would be to regularly walk along with him and the dog your aunt. Buddy will be based on the dog your aunt, and if this is "normal" and well socialized, then he can help him very gradually reduce his fears. Your buddy has too few, or no experience in the outside world can do outside the garden.

The problem you can solve best with a dog trainer. The white ideally how such problems arise and how to solve them.

His fear he will find it hard to take. The best thing you can do is to protect him. You can take him quietly on the arm and if a dog in the vicinity of your coming, it simply block off. Show him that you're protecting him and that he can rely on you. If he sees himself with a dog, it is always great. Let them often play together.

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