Dog growls at harmless dogs

My 5 month old Yorkshire Terrier is towards other dogs and anxious if they sew him up closer he growls and when touched, then he tries to bite the dog. Then he growls until the other dog is gone, this he does with any dog, whether big or small. I have it but only since 2 days and before he had a pack (about 20 dogs, with his parents and siblings and other Biewer Yorkshire) and there he was rather quiet. Opposite us people he is friendly and he does not bark or growl. What can I do that it ceases to growl when another dog comes and these approaches?

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Attempt first not to overwhelm him with dog encounters. The death has anxiety and stress, if you do go on like this, he considered sometime same attack as the best Verteildigung and assumes that he has to save himself before other dogs. There is a huge difference whether he is dealing with the familiar pack in which it is raised or if he suddenly is faced with strangers dogs. It is to provide him with security your job that you protect it when it is too much to him.

He also does not have every dog ​​in direct contact treten.Dein dog will be physically most hopelessly inferior race already conditionally, a antrampelnder in prime Speilabsicht Labrador is there real threat.

If you encounter dogs that are rather quiet and the Yorkie physically not immediately "flatten" with whom you prefer to keep Allow Contact I'd rather the two directly release each other, necessarily first a good deal run with two leashed dogs next to each other. Only when the dog I'd actually hardly show interest in each other without comment disturbing sounds, but then immediately run and slow or leash again if one is too intrusive. So do not stand around as in de Arena that one can bother really.

The dog is now suddenly without the support of the pack and possibly unsafe. The growl is then signal to other dogs that they should stay away from him because he does not want to contact. Watch it as it goes on - in the best case it will be safer and curious others, eager dogs over. You can use the facilities, through you attend after the first acclimatization that he is making good experiences with other compatible dogs repeatedly. EIn Hundeplatz here can help (known dogs, controlled meetings, support for the team, which should recognize an excessive demand). The unsafe behavior may also increase, of course, especially when the dog is overwhelmed or burdened by unfavorable experiences. Thus, the dog does not become unsafe barkers or fear biter, you looking for competent support as possible on site, if you think the whole runs in the wrong direction.

Growl is communication for the dog, you should not "unlearn" it.

See to it that the dog does not come into situations where he must by you do not let any dog ​​growling at him. Blocks unwanted dogs contacts. Contacts on a leash, you should be completely avoided.

Your dog needs positive dog contacts. Often the same act big dogs or their own race not threatening.

What can I do that it ceases to growl when another dog comes and these approaches?

You have the dog for 2 days and for the dog, everything is new and strange. The problem will certainly be solved with time by itself.

Let the dog so time lennenzulernen everything in peace and a-u. re used. Something may take several months with below!


which is normal in such a small period of time even if more time is this is normal stop just to defend his territory

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