Dog growls when he is asleep


we have the problem that growls our dog, the teeth bares and wants herschnappen when. touched when she is sleeping or when they where located and we touch it And NO, there is no shortage of education because it is the most angelic fall and when it snaps what we say off lässts sies immediately in the dog school. Only the above, is the problem. Do you have tips? PS: It is a Husky and a half years

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Dog is well behaved, I sat times with binding true equal. For this is snapping and growling in an extreme contrast.

Dogs have the right to show, if something does not fit. enforce With teeth they should not anyway. But there is then not the dog asked, but the owner!

If I have to touch my dog ​​/ wants when's asleep, he is addressed. I will also get quite sensitive when you tackle me right in the bedroom. Especially when I dreamed law agile - may carry a set burst lip of my rougher clock sometimes, although I am well educated and extremely peaceful.

Wa speaks against simple to call the dog to be, he is well behaved, so the pre-call would have to sit ;-). Furthermore, my dog ​​is entitled to their periods of rest and sleep may also easily if he wants to sleep. Since not is rumgewuselt the dog is not pushed or otherwise. He may also chucks without that I constantly controlling whether I now can take away its food - the same thing bad habit, like a dog in its rest (unnecessarily) to interfere.

Although my dog ​​to endure certainly much unpleasant about himself would have (sawing out of tree trunk, separate extraction of tooth and claw, wound care, fully bonded coat, spraying, etc., etc..) Has he never growled at me, let alone bitten. Komsciherweise, although he did not have to obsessively "subordinate" to me, was allowed to keep his food, if he had it, and sleep may, if he sleeps


Making a certain resting place for the dog

touch dog not unaddressed

appeal / retrieve dog before it is touched

Targeted Stroking lying down with something pleasant link (food, massage, etc.)

Let sleeping dogs lie !

Every living being has a personal space and this also needs to man and owner of the dog care.

That what you as driving with your dog called: Tretzen!

Stop immediately on it, otherwise the dog one day his dignity takes for - defend with the teeth.

Remember contradict itself often, but here in the answers. Imagine but only a tall tale, and spread it then here. Not only on putting when one was caught. If you really have a dog that growls when you do not let him alone, then you should accept his needs for rest and let him in these cases alone. She no longer has to growl and you get to invent any stories about dogs experience more.

Let the dog but simply at rest when he is asleep. My dog ​​barks in the dream, in everyday life he does it rarely. Would you like to be awakened when you dream?

Our dog snores barks growls and yelps in sleep. This is quite normal, they dream :)

You should make up your times. Once you have 25 years of experience then there are 15. Even if you can have 30 years dogs you still have no idea or even rumkriechen on the knowledge of 1900's.

a dog has a right time to relax and growl is perfectly ordinary communication. The dog simply says let I do not want.

if my dogs rest I leave them alone. Lying in the way I send them with a command to the side. My dog ​​is growling at first even if you touch him. he may also, it is normal dog language.

If your dog somewhere liegz and you want to send it to pass easily hurt. Therefore one must him eight hands micht

Maybe she is dreaming. Our dogs also growl from and to sleep in ...

our dog growling, the teeth bares and wants herschnappen when touched when she is sleeping or when they where located and we touch them.

the dog wants to be left alone, and you should also accept!

The dog shows but clearly he does not want to be groped, why are you doing it then anyway?

I would rather suspect in his character.

The sleeping yes outdoors and a fault like there is always beknurrenswert?

Why tatscht to the dog in its resting phase to?

Leave him alone.

hoert easy anzutatschen on them when they schlaeft.

the dog is dreaming, let him sleep in peace!

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