Dog growls when visiting rises

Hello, If in our visit because our dog growls if the visit goes and stands up while he sits our dog is actually relatively relaxed ... I feel that it's more fear growl, but am not sure ... Thank Lg

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The visit was for the period of existence in the "flock" (Family) integrated by your dog. Once the visit to get up ,, he is the "flock" (Family) deprived, and does not want your dog.

When our dog was just. I had him often in the office with this case. He was pleased when he saw the employee, but barked loudly in protest when the then went home. He wanted to keep his flock together forever.

Get times a dog trainer to help. From a distance, not the situation, assess the way they really runs. One would see all live to tell whether the dog is uncertain or want to protect you or something.

A good trainer can tell you that after a visit and propose you a suitable solution.

But you have to make sure that the dog school is working nonviolently and also offers individual solutions. Not every dog ​​helps a corner. Some just need a little more security, which must provide the holder. Of course, there are other approaches. Which is the right one then has to be seen locally.

How old is the dog and what ne race. Actually heard every dog ​​in the puppy school. It is not that the dog growls at visitors. Soon no one comes. growl Each would have a sharp out must come from you. That you have but apparently tolerated and excused the dog. But he has to submit to you.

In this description, no one can, of what dogs understand - and I count myself time to - properly answer what it is. Too few information ...

he's the boss and tells the members rudel their space to. if he opposes a sulky. So lack of education.

get yourself a good dog school, where you will learn how you tell your dog that you are the leader. or purchase a relevant book. which there are stacks.

This means that the dog is anxious and protect his people and his revir wants

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