Dog has 15 small tick on the head ?! (+ Image) what to do about it?

Hi, my father was yesterday with our 'family dog' in the woods, the dog was allowed to freely run around, etc. and has thereby more than 15 (!!!) tiny black blue ticks brought the increases but also occur on the head at the entire body! My Dog is a Fox Terrier and female, very anxious, although we have to remove a pair of pliers to ticks, as these also are the eyes regions and my dog ​​wriggles like idiots even when my father holds just as strongly that their no (or hardly) causes pain, it is too risky to really pull the ticks completely. What should I do now? Vaccination is a long time ago and expired because my parents thought it would not be necessary! But now she has more than 15 pieces on the head! She is concerned remains very good and she behaves (still) normal, but is only 24 ago. Should I to the vet? Can remove ticks? Or should I just wait? My dog ​​has just her period, if this is important. What should I do, and above all, what would you do?

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Terrible :( !!!

First I wanted to recommend you to take your dog to the vet because the more experience rauszuziehen to - but when she is in heat, that's probably not a good idea, at least not during office without notice, otherwise all male patients go crazy ;)!

Tried it halt tomorrow with the card when the fallen leaves. I waited always one or two days - especially among those in the eye, because they can then engage better ...

I know - now come back the cries of "experts", but my dogs have survived all tick bites, even if I have it removed until the second day ...

For the future, you might find the following tips, which I got today on my last question:


Do not panic - so that evil also is with the ticks, but the problem there will be new items and as you go through as a dog friend /!

Be sure to TA if you can not that. For the future, I would practice something with your dog. Still hold and can scan ... or blank sample that should get every dog ​​...

Should I to the vet? Can remove ticks? Or should I just wait?

Be sure to remove quickly! The head of the tick must be exercised with flies! If you can not, go to the vet!

If you yourself do not dare to remove the ticks around the eye area, then let the make the veterinarian who should still dropping as quickly as possible. For the future, you can buy a so-called ticks card if you do not dare with the pliers on tricky areas.

Menno how stupid! Are the Viehcher now away ?! To remove ticks there Tick Tweezers, Ticks cards and small "Kuhfüße", depending on the stage of the tick is another instrument is better suited.

But in my experience to ticks can best draw with your fingers! This is for the dog easier to endure, Your hands he knows, when a tick removal tool is not so, unless you have the practiced from an early age on.

My dog ​​had times in spring much smaller ticks that were with the eye hardly to be recognized and were en masse on its crown jewels - with whom I have also gone to the vet, there are simply better lighting conditions and, indeed, appropriate instruments.

Get well for your dog!

Today you should but be afloat and let all the vet ticks antfernen!

At the same time you should ask as you do best hiring at home that the dog can remove ticks ...

hold very firmly put up with the few dogs ...

For your Zeckenzange (you can therefore properly handle?) Worried you still ticks card ... It has. Approximately the shape of an ATM card with a slot

It is also suitable to remove safely ticks on lid margin of the eyes.

And the tick vaccination for your dog should be made only if you live in one of infected ticks highly polluted area.

Veterinary Artzt visit.

Immediately remove. :)

The ticks make out? What is ne unnecessary question? If my dog ​​has ne zecke I make them out.

If you are not able to get the bugs out, going to the vet. The dinger must get out.

And buys you a tick protection ... whether garlic, Koksöl, collar or what I know

The ticks you need to remove as soon as possible. This should be as dog owners surely can!

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