Dog has 2 broken front legs and can not walk ?!

My dog ​​was run over by the car 4 days ago and has thereby both front legs broken. Currently it is still in the hospital, but is finally back home next week must! The doctor told us that they are still not allowed to run for 3 weeks.

Has anyone of you also mitggemacht ever something? How did that work out with the walking of dogs? We also live on the 1st floor without elevator and my dog ​​is a Mongrel therefore also over 30 kg that I (as a pregnant woman) simply can niht rumheben so ... My husband is at work all day and somehow I'm with the situation a little overwhelmed :-(

Am very pleased if my baby is finally home again but somehow I'm scared that I do something wrong ....

Does anyone have experience with such a situation?

Thank you already for your love answers!

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Ohh my God how bad the arms fell nose. I hope the dog has come through everything well. There's there from the TA a wheelchair? Where the dog is secured? Do not know where the front roller wheels are and they continue to go with the hind legs? The veterinarians must you have a solution for something. In order to carry down because your husband you should support. You can not take lifting as pregnant .. Helps nothing 3 weeks vacation or make a strong dog sitter fixed dates. Or someone whom you paid for carry down. Question nevertheless times in the neighborhood after! Everything you all the best and especially your dog.

You asked how it worked with the walking of dogs. However, does not run three weeks that Gassigehen will not take place! Thus, the healing process could be greatly disturbed and possibly the bones grow together again wrong. Ask the vet again exactly how much / how can they run the business doing. Organise you some people who from time to time have time to carry them up and down again. If necessary, even if a fee. Or your husband takes leave or he comes times a few hours earlier to go home. Stupid situation, but since you have now by all. Wish you good luck!!!

A co-worker has the time with his Labbiwelpen. The little I was so sorry. But that was at ground level and went quite well where. walk the dog, you can probably forget first time, utilize only goes through head training, versuchs with ner sniffer sniffer box or blanket. Thus it has at least something to do.

Regarding the stairs I would look if you so get a harness that you can also use to climb to the dog and abseiling. Then you can perhaps support while running, so that the broken legs have to carry any load, and then down a kind Rolli. Or look if a neighbor can help you.

Just think in an emergency because you can certainly turn a dog sitting with this, although a cost, but how will you get them down otherwise.

Desires of your mouse definitely speedy recovery, hopefully heals very quickly, so that it can soon run across the meadows =)

Oh dear! that's totally bloede!

So it's really a lot of importance that the broken leg will not be charged - and I see to take home no way for you as a pregnant the dog, if you do not help .. so soon broken legs are loaded, it may be wrong grow together or move to ...

you can be friends or possibly go related, who live at ground level and help you myself ..?

I have looked after a while a guest dog - who had a back legs broken ...

he had to spend the whole time in a box, and we then every 4 hours in the garden set him ... but that was a lightweight ...

my dogs have then FPOe union AUF also catered to the sick and gleistet him gesellscafht and licked her nose .....

there is the determined vet have a few good tips, you would have something to tinker with roll like he should otherwise move .. and with the stairs, did you could help not related to? otherwise neighbors ask. if you were to live near me, I would help.

the racker well soon

Och man ... Since you can now really only times with the TA consult us if he can call you a person that your dog can receive maintenance ... veterinarians sometimes have such special "care spaces" in the hindquarters ...

That you can not take the dog, is very easy to follow and I believe it would you make trouble, the dog with the special harness with double-stops up and down to convey ...

If you can find 2 people who wear your dog with you daily at home at least 3 X up and down, then I have a tip for you: you'll get a baby sling (possibly tarpaulin.) Or a stable bath towel, let reinsetzen the tailor of 6 or 8 hole rivets ... Cornices by pushing the right and left - the result is a stable sling ... Your dog lies down on the stretcher and 2 people can comfortably carrying dog without the animal to hurt ...

With such a carrier, we were able to second my time transporting newly operated Greater Swiss ... (he weighed around 70kg, so we had taken tarpaulin ...)

I wish you all the best!

Lisal286 that I am very sorry. But I would speak with the TA, is yes certainly not his first case.

And I am once again pleased to have a 3 kg dog.

climb stairs do not go, as long as the fractures have not healed. Ye shall therefore have to seek a solution, if you can not take the dog. Everything else says you sure the vet.

What a crap ...! Under the described circumstances of you I would almost be inclined to leave the dog for three weeks in the hospital ... ^^

There are special harness, which can be used to support the running - but if that works even with a staircase ?!

I hope you get the dog community here even better answers!

All the best for your dog!

Then you must look for someone who up him up the stairs and wears down. GGfl.Einen Dogsitter anagieren. he may only briefly in order to make his business Outdoor indeed. But let her go on garkeinen case the stairs himself. Get well soon and fast healing I wish him / her.

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