Dog has a small share Snickers eaten

Hi my friends, before I came to my room and saw a small mini-Snickers on the floor to my Chihuahua-Jack Russell bitch (4kg) had nibbled, it is not much away from the chocolate, but so much, that I myself somehow'm worried.

Would be very glad of any quick response from you.

Best regards.

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no panic. First, dangerous for dogs Tanin is predominantly present in dark chocolate - not so much in whole milk chocolate.

If I'm not mistaken, the lethal dose dog dog is 8 g / kg / in dark chocolate and at 60 g / kg / in milk chocolate.

Of course, your dog may get diarrhea - but that's manageable.

If he naturally behaves remarkably different than usual - then a visit to the vet is recommended - probably is not.

Good succeed


Chocolate contains theobromine, the darker the more. Dark chocolate contains 3-10 grams of theobromine per kilogram. In the dog, the lethal dose of theobromine at about 300 mg / kg body weight was determined.

If it was only a very small amount of light chocolate, then you need you do not particularly worried, reversed already - see above. Watch him in any case, the next time in more detail.

That's not bad at all in my opinion. If it was not a big part, you need not worry. But if it is bad now with her, and she / he must break, rather go to the vet and then you get another one of forage, which helps the animal to digest better or so

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