Dog has a thing on the ear

So .. Our dog has been adding a kind of pimple on the ear and when we realized that, we are sure gone, that there is no tick is. So now it's been a few months and we have forgotten the thing. However I just noticed that it has grown and has become such a horn.

We therefore see a doctor soon but I wanted to like to know what it is and maybe someone knows of you yes :)

thank you

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Hello Kuronumaa,

it can not understand at all

we have forgotten the thing. However I just noticed that it has grown and has become such a horn.

Everyone gives it his animal many pats and if this "thing" has long been available, then you control it but at least. (But is not a reproach)

If I were your (your) location, then the vet had long paid a visit. Even an animal is in pain, it does not comment meißt. Or the pet owner does not notice it.

How to be well, you would highly recommend haste to go with him to the vet. Please do not wait too long with the vet. Of course I know that there is always a question of cost.

But an animal is still man's best friend (as it should be)

If you were dog at the vet with your (your) I would you appreciate feedback very much, because I'm interested already what it is. (My dog at that time had a malignant tumor)

Requests your four-legged friends happy. (Just give him a caress from me Sounds. Something of stupid to, but I'm serious. (Thanks in advance)

very best regards Lea

If you notice something conspicuous, what you yourself can not estimate = then you go to the vet to check whether they it and will not wait long.

We therefore also soon see a doctor

sometime soon? Go immediately to the vet, a tumor could be! Should soon be diagnosed and removed!

why not today the vet how "soon" the voneuch unnoticed so "continue to grow"?

write us at what the vet told!

How can you forget what you pet but bestimnt Hundermal about it ... oo

Please go to the vet, it may be that is a fremkörper in it, may be a tumor or other.

times goes to the doctor .. can be malignant ...

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