Dog has bright gums and tongue

Hello, My 15 months old dog has been days very bright gums. Sunday night he cried vomited bile and before 2x break. Was then abgecheckt everything the doctor has given him an injection for nausea and meant the yelp was because of the acid in vomit bile. Have him then until today only foods fed (chicken and rice), he has hardly been drinking but gepullert like a moose from the rice, but had no bowel movements. He sleeps since doctor visits and much but when we go out or play or there is food in top shape. Today he has recovered its normal food and drinks also back to normal. Only this bright gums gets me ..

Should I again can make the TA and vllt a blood test?

I hope someone has advice.

Thank you!

The best answer

You're welcome ! Your dog's sake today takes in a very good veterinary practice or veterinary clinic.

Appeal to the bright gum (mucous membranes) directly! No bowel movement, still? Then appeal to foreign bodies.

Let your dog take blood, blood Grosses search image, perform Mediterranean diseases check. Appeal to the doctor, whether a poisoning, foreign body in the intestine (ileus = bright mucous membranes to be circulatory collapse) may be present, or a blood disorder.

Hurry up, it's urgent !!!!!! Youngsters try and swallow everything pretty fast and often go unnoticed.

Huhu, bright gums may indicate dehydration and unstable circulation. You can test this by going short and strong pressing gums with a finger on the (not so hot that it hurts him). it is looking at the printing location and should quickly restore the old color erlangen.leider I know the not richtwert how long that will last. but you think determined at google. If that takes too long, he needs an infusion, I would think. Bin course no vet, but a horse with us recently had circulatory failure and there was gum also bright. To not really again to TA or perhaps to nem other when the are only a syringe. Get well

Hello, Francizka. That what you're describing in your dog, the dog had my mom just well: with seizure, break etc, pale gums. At the end of leukemia was placed firmly and Wuffel had to be euthanized. First, a pancreas problem was suspected ... But, hey, we are here no TA and can only guess. Please quickly to TA. LG and all love you.

Dog has very bright gums for days.

This evidence depends very often together with a circulatory problem. Does the vet it mentions nothing or studied in this direction?

I would recommend you as soon as possible to go to a veterinary clinic, who have more experience than most normal veterinarians. All the best!

Animal hospital! Please and as soon as possible!

Bright mucosa indicate a lack of blood flow. In less severe cases due to a cardiovascular problem, in a severe case due to internal bleeding, or as a bloat. Eighth on the abdomen if this feels hard, but looks bloated.

I was just very bad when I read that. I have such an experience only nine weeks behind me. Is not well understood, so I NUDGE good reason to visit the veterinary clinic.

I am also a mystery why the TA has not initiated immediately a blood test.

With the dog I would as soon as possible go to a veterinary clinic, the bright gums indicates a cardiovascular problem!

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