Dog has constipation important

Hello, we have a small spitz who often clog my father gives him just wet feed is the maybe it or waran it may be?

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Wet food is better than dry food definitely. This is right on the wet food I do not think so, but what gets the little dog to? You receive them sometimes raw bones or even a carrot or other vegetables. Especially carrot makes the feces softer. Dogs who drink not much often settle a problem with the feces.

However, you should also see the TA past - if that occurs repeatedly, there may be a common metabolic problem, polyps or Darmgeschwülste that naturally unlike must be treated by feed.

Hello, I would add the feed a mini dash of oil, gegf. a knob of butter. This makes the feces more slippery. If your dog little drink, then crowd the wet food and some water under (you can trample then, then the dog will notice this not) butter or oil taste dogs prop quite good: D carrot (possibly even cooked) is also good and the oil, the organism can utilize the beta-carotene also better :)

How often is because very often? Something Sab from TA can should help in times of need also :) the dog despite mentioned methods still have blockages, so I would try a change of diet. Another wet food or Barf can be tried. Ultimately decide the dog's health, what you take. While it always scream all "Barf!" but we have seen many dogs Barf simply not tolerated, not even under professional guidance. You just can not break everything knee :) That would be now so my advice, the dog should still have problems with digestion in the long run, so you would have with the TA discuss what might contribute to gastrointestinal activation.

could be due, but that lassen- worthy clarify dringeng times the vet

a dog should get the most fresh meats, from time to feischige crude knochenn and vegetable or fruit ... a good ole it hits nocht better ... look here:

Please voerher but the vet to medical causes for constipation excluded!


Maybe you should tell us even what you mean by "plugging" ...

If the dog has painful difficulties depose a cactus at all?

How many times a day the dog can be big business for doing?

How much water is drinking the dog because regularly?

If your dog really urge has to settle for feces and can not make it for hours - then I would sometimes rather quickly consult a veterinarian and have clarified the problem ...

All the best for the dog!

There remain hardly other possibilities. Try it sometimes with dry food. Only wet food is anyway not healthy.

With the dog go to the vet! And not only give Feuchtfuter. The best also times, of course, boil turkey unseasoned and give rice to the dog.

your dog has 1 fixed times in 2 months digestive and you ask what you can do against verstorpfung - can each critter times have inerhalb of 2 months firmer bowel movement - which is why you need but ask keien adjust here

This can have many causes. You should therefore go to the vet.

http: // ...

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