dog has cost Diabetes?

So my dog ​​has diabetes is clear about we informed she would need insulin and ka what else no everything I ask you, the experiences have made thus to give us information on where to focus and how much it so ca cost a month because we are not soo reply Thanks for your

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Each dog is different ... insulin is not equal insulin ... I think your veterinarian will give the "right" treatment with the appropriate insulin for your dog ...

Large packs are then probably still cheaper than small ...

It would help you very little, if we write here: the Dachshund needs Medis for 5 € per month and the mastiff needs Medis for 20 € per month ...

Please inquire you about the monthly cost of your veterinarian.

In dogs, I do not know, but pay my relatives I think so about 50 € more less mon.


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