! Dog has diarrhea and bloating ?!

My 8 year old bitch has puked before about 30min. Afterwards I realized that she is restless and wanted from her as I got up she peed in the kitchen (something she has never done it is completely housebroken ?!) After I eliminated everything and attracted me she had the bedroom made, diarrhea Spritzpups so roughly. Then I immediately with her to get out and play the same again. Now she looks just ok. I do not know what I can do or notice that they must be the same again, I would like it anyway but the complaints take something like? ask for help :(

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First check that you have your dog leaves 1-2 days of fasting, it all comes out and gastrointestinal to calm down. Concern for drinking the dog sufficient animating him. Against Falls cooking some meat off and take this brewing water, and it offers your dog naturally cooled to drink at. Should not necessarily be any better time to introduce the TA after 1-2 days.

Had my also recently expected as a stomach / intestinal virus sein.Da left me with only the vet helped with infusions and Tabletten.Am best movies of the veterinarian today has and call emergency services.

Did you beer yeast in the house? Or Heilerde? Both individually or you can give now.

Hey, she has out what eaten last walk before the symptoms? If not, they may have just a small infection. Watch them well and offer her water, much more you can not do the degree, unless it is otherwise unremarkable. Can you measure a fever? If the symptoms are gone soon, please include first nothing to eat tomorrow, then her digestive tract can recover somewhat. If symptoms persist or she is otherwise conspicuous, please call a veterinarian. All the best!

Today nothing left to eat but always fresh water.

when the pieces behave and you're sure that she has out recorded anything I would tomorrow either rice (500g cook their chicken or even better morosche carrot soup peeled carrots in one liter of water an hour, press through a sieve or puree in a blender. The fill total amount to one liter of water. Three grams of saline Add (a nearly level teaspoon). give). Small quantities for more ...

ask or go directly to any other case TA.

So I would not let her into the bedroom, but in a space where you can do more easily clean, remove any carpets. Actually, the same applies as in humans. If the stool or vomit is bloody you need as quickly as possible to the doctor. Otherwise sufficient stand and wait for water and food. If there is also a doctor not better. If you go with her out, it may be that she wants to eat soil or feces. The dogs do instinctively to a destroyed intestinal flora to supply with bacteria, which is only possible in very few cases. What helps better healing clay from the pharmacy. I wish her a speedy recovery!

Today your dog should get !!! nothing to eat - but offer it to always drink plenty of fresh water ...

And if it is done only once diarrhea and vomiting, then you can back tomorrow little food to give ...

Should a few more times happen today, then inquire you please call the on-duty emergency vet if perhaps with you in the area so bypasses a oller gastrointestinal virus in dogs ...

So it is in fact here with us at the time.

Then your dog should be presented to the vet tomorrow at the latest.

Dogs can just times the stomach spoil as we humans. This will pass away during the day.

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