Dog has eaten chocolate help!

Hello. My dog ​​has about 3 pieces merci eaten .. She is 11 years old and weighs about 5 kg. Gotta have anxiety about it?

(Ps: she behaves normal!)

The best answer

I grad times "googled" as I know only for cats, it is toxic and can have little cause death.

"Why chocolate is toxic to dogs

Do not feed your dog rather with nougat or chocolate truffles. For your favorite chocolate is poisonous and can even cause death in large quantities .... The alkaloid theobromine contained in cocoa chocolate triggers in the body of the four-legged processes, which can be life-threatening.

What makes chocolate toxic to pets?

For dogs chocolate is toxic because a substance contained therein the central nervous system of the four-legged totally undermine. In cocoa beans, from which chocolate is made, theobromine contained. This material passes when snacking through the intestines of the dog in the blood and from there to the liver. He sits metabolic processes in motion that are devastating to the dog. Theobromine inhibits adenosine receptors and phosphodiesterase. The result: There are increasingly distributed stress hormones. Symptoms of chocolate poisoning in dogs include diarrhea and vomiting. Chocolate contains theobromine and caffeine, which is also toxic to dogs.

Dark chocolate especially toxic to dogs

Not only that chocolate is toxic to dogs, it also takes more than average until the dogs have dismantled the dangerous substance theobromine again. Dogs with a chocolate poisoning suffer from cramps and restless. Even with small amounts of theobromine her body reacts significantly. How much is toxic to dogs of chocolate depends on how big and heavy the dogs are. Does your dog nibble of the candy, you should quickly consult a veterinarian to treat a chocolate poisoning in dogs. "

Unfortunately, there is here the entirely false opinion that chocolate would harmless for dogs. Wrong! Chocolate is pure poison for the dog.

The ingredient of the cocoa bean (the basic Bestandtteil of chocolate) is theobromine. The darker the chocolate, the higher the proportion of (a 100g bar of dark chocolate contains more than 1.5 grams of theobromine.

The LD50 dose (ie the load at the already half of all dogs die, is about 300mg per kg body weight.

Half of all dogs with 5 kilos so dies after eating a plate of dark chocolate

After Your dog now 3 piece (estimated 30 g) of a light chocolate has eaten (with significantly lower Theobrominanteil), is not received from a mortal danger from.

Easier poisoning signs include restlessness, nausea, cramps, diarrhea and fever.

If such symptoms appear, is the cause of vomiting / gastric lavage and administration of activated charcoal (binder) by the veterinarian needed. This only works within the first max 2 hours.

So again: chocolate is poison for dogs!

I believe on the basis of the Endophine the dog gets through the chocolate he will have a good day :)

The one time is already clear. More should not take them to be and there is the possibility that she gets diarrhea course.

My dog ​​ate already considerably larger amounts of chocolate and is still fit and not blind. : D

Watch your Fellnase. Your dog is very small at 5Kg as can 3 pcs Schocki already be stupid. This can be seen but not the same, often later.

Observe your dog for fever, shivering, diarrhea .. the next 2 days.

I in your place would rumtelefonieren tomorrow, who in an emergency has service.

Eigntl. Not it can be normal at most thinly whistled come aver otherwise niht if worse initially artzt

Well this year it is today for 3 times but always happened only minimal quantities. Worry I'll do me anyway. I'll go tomorrow to TA as it is extremely greedy .. Thanks anyway

That's the most sensible thing to do !!!

And pack please every future Süßkram away before you leave the apartment !!!

All the best for your dog

ensure you should about YOU Make - for how can one chocolate, biscuits and sweet leave lying around, and the dog there turn kommt-- when the already often before came mainly - you take the most likely only be serious if it times really too much eating and really is sick.

So please - all so put away that the dog can no longer turn - drawers is the well can not open, with a little self-discipline that is creating.

Is now no poison.

This will kill the animal is not equal :) There probably nothing will happen in the worst case the dog gets diarrhea and makes an ugly heap in the apartment,

So let's not afraid.

No, I do not think so. As long as he does not regularly or frequently gets!

dogs are omnivorous, nothing will happen

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