Dog has eaten hamburger

We were 2 days with our dog outside and have them run free. On the way home she's straight running to this hamburger and has stuffed him into the maul. I'm her course directly run behind and as it has fortunately lost ¾ of Burgers. However, she scratches her since extreme and we fear that it may have been a poisoned baits of which it has very little eaten and now so has itching. Has anyone also experience? Ps: we go tomorrow to the vet.

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I suspect that you have crapped your dog really together, as you have taken from him the rest of the hamburger. Many dogs react by scratching ... on the paws nibble etc ... free by the Moto ... hab nicht`s made. If a dog eats poison, it is mostly fever tries apathetic or very unruhig..kriegt ... to vomit ... pinches the rod and is a true picture of misery. That is to the vet immediately, since the first hours are crucial after ingestion. Incidentally, cigarettes can be fatal if a dog eats chocolate ... well ... not only poison baits.

I do not think that the hamburger has been poisoned. But it may be that he had any ingredients to your dog is particularly sensitive. Onion on a hamburger can cause great discomfort, for example, already. Also, the itching can maybe just according in a period fit in yet been other triggers for the itching. That can be anything from shedding, stress to parasites etc.. Examine your dog time to parasites or red spots on the body. Stress can also be triggered by many things. Again, simple things some thought. Is the scratching only at a certain point? If the stimulus is not now so that they scratch themselves bloody, then I would pers. Just do it again wait for a few days if it goes away by itself or really is much better.

And why do not you go today to TA ??. Our dog very fond of playing outside and vacuum cleaner. He was however already 2 at TA, one half hour after receiving the "chuck". Since there is then a syringe, and within 10 min. The whole thing is broken again. Depending on what it is for a poison (if it should be so), is damaged by such a waiting period of 1-2 days, either the liver, nerve causing irreparable destroyed, or the blood begins to decompose. We go there once rather vain for TA, as afterwards to have a chronically ill or dead dog.

Some dogs are allergic to wheat flour which the hamburger bun is .. That would explain the itching. But already unusually somewhere just as a hamburger is rum. Better keep an eye on and prefer to animal ambulance when it comes poor him

So I would say that after 2 days the main risk period is over.

With poison suspected I go straight to the vet and do not wait any more. Every minute counts as

I'm her course running directly behind

Your dog does not seem to be available, otherwise you would not have to run after him. Dogs that are not available are, on leash.

Especially care should be taken that the dog can not incorporate anything outdoors lying around. Train up a dog corresponding or seeking a dog school on, there the dog learns and also you!

You see how fast it can go. Even if it should be gone well now, may end badly something next time. But in all other situations, it is important that a dog is available!

A poisoned gets a dog does not itch. Go tomorrow to the vet and describe the process, at the same time you can also be examined, where the itch comes!

Oh yes. Poison was not in the game, otherwise you would now howling sitting in front of computer and write very different texts.

Itch has many causes. If they really worrying, go halt investigate TA and let. Causal research is devouring money over you should be clear to you. However, you should think carefully about whether the burger is eligible, or if you have not changed by chance the food about a week ago.

If your dog continues to constantly scratching, he needs to be treated and the cause must be found. Although the first time costs money, it is still cheaper and life extension, vollzupumpen as the dog with cortisone and the like. Cortisone you make as a treatment anyway only accept externally and systemically reject first time until the examination is completed.

The itching may just come from the grain that in the burger bun is inside.

Healthier than so maches finished feed a burger is so certainly, but one can not rule out that poison was designed.

Just go once to the vet and let's do a blood test, so you can be sure whether it was vergifttet or not.

Usually show Although poisoning symptoms on the same day, but there are also toxins that act later.

We have such a thing ever lost a dog. Since I would be going to the vet but the first solution.

I'm her course directly run behind and as it has fortunately lost ¾ of Burgers.

Well, and before this (educational) problem is reasonably under control, you should consider whether it is not advisable to work with a leash or muzzle. It need not be directly a poison bait. Cigarette butts, aluminum foil, plastic or a lost glove suffice completely to to knock a dog.

A toxic effect is seen, depending on the poison, usually within 24 hours. When ingested, dogs often react with strong salivation, apathy, increased heart rate, mucosal changes, difficulty breathing or vomiting. In poisoning I so do not tap.

Where the dog scratching it?

Ps: we go tomorrow to the vet.

There are anywhere within veterinary clinics. Find out times - you'll often need a vet. And in the future to leash your dog if you do not have it under control. It makes a dog owner not fun to meet a pet owner who does not have his dog under control. lg and all the best for your dog

If nothing be rare, the poison works only after 2 days.

Oh yes: Otherwise she is super good, it behaves as always. Rages around, sleeps, eats well, etc. Can it be that she has any critters trapped themselves when playing with other dogs?

This happened two days ago and you want, despite concerns go to the vet tomorrow?

The dog was lucky that the hamburger was not poisoned ......

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