dog has fear of storm noises in the apartment

Hi guys. my bitch (dsh-mix, 4 years) is afraid if it has a fantastic outside the window and whistles. it acts very uncertain, does not come to rest, and do not know where to go smell. night which is quite annoying because it sits half every 5 minutes in my bed and pushes her cold nose into my face. that's already 2 days and we're both pretty tired. no idea what the trigger was for the fear. panic she does not act, so no panting or tail move. it only sticks to me, whether day or night. to bed they must generally not only from time to time on the couch when I feel like it! outside is all good! am glad that she has eaten before. with feed or distract toy works only until the next fierce whistle. I'll show myself towards her very cool and calm, ignore when it comes buggered and comfort them a bit. with me sitting us protection seek may like. someone knows the problem and can tell me how they (and I) at night comes to rest? shut Währe really bad. have, however, still a construction site gehörschutz in the basement .... (not serious)

So ... someone is there for a dog with various tricks and can sensitize convey? please reply soon

Dankeeeee lg sock thief

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How does your dog react in a thunderstorm? Is it because also so disturbed? How long did you already, you two know each other very well or not? My opinion: if you stay left (not only externally but also internally really), it will also calm. Of course it's difficult, if you are already annoyed. You can do it sometimes with Bach Flower emergency drop attempt (Rescue drops). The you get without a prescription at any pharmacy. Give her every now and then 4 drops on a small piece of bread or something in the mouth when the fallen leaves. But not too often, because the drops contain alcohol. If that does not help, ask times by at your vet, perhaps one can help you there. And maybe it is not the wind noise, but she is not good for any other reason, and she shows it now randomly in wind noise at.

Hello, sock thief. There are the ultimate trick: blank dog (the hairy 30 kg animal) ran itself, so that it in the family finds peace: is called contact chairs and serves up the tranquilizer. Dogs (and cats) are social animals and suffer without access to buddies / roommates. The are in the event you and Wuffel ask thee for asylum. That she's out so cool, probably because they recognize the cause of the noise, while only whistles in the hut, without that a tottering treetops etc. to see. The dog may seem like the Haunted ... Panting and tail retraction sprint panic while still `only 'fear and with you look for support. Dog and cat than adult animals the way the IQ of about 2- year-old children. Oh- oh, can indeed harm guessed respect its own human offspring klugscheiß: states DE - awareness, lG..

The ignore and leave left your dog insecure this additionally!

If a hurricane over Germany tost in which people also have died is the behavior of your dog only natural. You should respond to their behavior and beside you set up on the sofa, a small couch den for your dog girl.

It is in fact an animal which has protective instincts (for earthquakes and tsunamis many people died but very little animals) and would liked bidding cave in a security.

It is heartless your dog at night not wanting to have with you in this situation. Go through eighth on the sofa and offer your dog protection. Canine form family groups, like people and this family group is for each member there, comforting, provides physical contact and one crawls together with Hurrican, earthquake and hurricane.

The Exclude from the family is a life-threatening situation for such social animals as are dogs.


Look, if you get a few TIpps here:

Good luck!

Hello, So I have no problem when suddenly, my dog ​​crouches in bed! No not at all! Also I am frightened, before the storm, the last two days with us blowing around now. Since my Adam has also fear, but need not! Because yes we live in a residential Communities zt, since no one is alone, or lonely, or have to fear ?? !!

Your dog now needs your attention and your safety. You are the pack leader. You have to be strong and reliable and does not give the dog that outside something threatening is going on.

what me wundert-- why it whistles with you IN the wohung - so with us it is also ssseeehr stormy, but in the wohung it is quiet because pfeifft nothing - so please times the window seal (blank) the doors with a thick blanket down around seal, then nothing more whistles - such noise would make me as human being also tame! and dog hears everything mindestesn three times as loud as you can. also that he even allowed on the couch or may not -. as you willst-- the going even once garnicht- either he may or he may not .. only if you demand that he should go down, then he must obey or when will put someone else do so, he must not growl. sometimes can help you the animal body lays on the that is warm, muckelig and soothes a blanket.

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