Dog has flatulence and diarrhea

Vielleich has anyone any advice. My bitch (Jack Russel Terrier, 4 years old) has been 2 days and diarrhea since this terrible bloating. Four days ago we were with her at the vet because it with my parents (were just visiting) has found walnut kernel residues on the ground and has reacted allergic to it, with vomiting, diarrhea, rash, the whole program. You got a cortisone injection. However, it was not within a few hours, as the vets said fit again. The allergy symptoms were indeed quickly away, but she was then so weak that it took 2 days until it was all back to normal. So, since yesterday morning the diarrhea has started again, she's got terrible bloating. Otherwise, they perk, has appetite and wants to play. She had always a very sensitive stomach, gets special food with horsemeat and responds to stress sometimes with diarrhea. Can the diarrhea and bloating be an after-effect of cortisone? Or is it again stress diarrhea? And what home remedies help? First of all: dairy products they can not tolerate and even with chicken, I'm not so sure.

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It may be stress, but also by cortisone.

If your dog actually has such bowel problems then I would sometimes make a 3 to 5 month cure with brewer's yeast and spirulina algae. Depending on the size of the dog one half to one teaspoon. Full 2 ​​servings for the day. Allergy dogs have an increased need for Vit. D and zinc (cod liver oil contains ready-Vit. D).

try it with unsweetened Kamiillen-, dilute black - or fennel tea, - without food so that stomach comes to rest. There used MCP drops.

I give my little dog who has often to do with the stomach, a daily spoonful of oatmeal with the seizure. Do not tolerate any food nor any Leckerlie. Must always be cautious.

If your dog eats nothing three days, which is not so bad, but he must drink daily. If he does not, the doctor immediately, otherwise at the latest 3 days.

wish a speedy recovery


As she gets her feed? napf from? Or they have to work it out? Our dog was another "allergy" but it was not due to the feed itself, but on the type of feed accordingly ... which I found very exciting. Wg the diarrhea, I would also cook yourself already costly :)

against bloating You can give Sab simplex. You that the dog will pick up liquid.

The diarrhea may well be an after-effect of the whole story. Stress Caused. Feed tomorrow only half. If the diarrhea does not improve, call your TA on. The good appetite can be a side effect of cortisone and is not very meaningful.

In a stomach / intestinal and stress-sensitive dog I would make a day starvation diet in acute diarrhea. Administration of Nux D6 initially halbstündl. 4 globules and gradually to 3x daily. About sneaking. Instead finished specialty food itself foods (rice, chicken od. Horse with something carrot) cook soft. Healing Earth add. Is it good again, very slowly change barf. Try out which meats they like and can withstand. Do not think there are after-effects of cortisone, would rather apply to antibiotics. Compare their problems with affected people who only tolerate certain foods and act accordingly. Nevertheless, acute situations can arise, where they have to pay attention to the strictest diet and other food selection not tolerated. For industrially produced Spazialfuttermitteln skepticism is always advisable. They also often contain spec. Crops that are counterproductive.

Substituted times the feed, "Your Best" by the DM, I can only recommend !!!

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