Dog has knocked me this thumb open dislocated now what?

The dog of my friend took me in their case Whg.zu gebracht.Dabei I dislocated my left thumb open. He needed to be addressed and sewn with 6 stitches. What damage claim I may object to the holder? Whether the full flexion and loading can be achieved again is denied by my doctor. What now?

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If ever you can get (which obviously existed for the dog) as the cost of medical treatment and on insurance.

Claims for damages related. Your damage you will probably only get about legal action.

Two possibilities: 1. The dog has liability insurance; then you can rantreten to the insurance company. As for the scope of the claim, you can only help a lawyer. 2. The dog is not insured; then you can towards your girlfriend make personal claims ...... if you want that.

Whether and which claims for compensation can be made I would clarify in your place with your lawyer.

What damage claim I may object to the holder?

You mean your future Ex.Freundinn?

If the dog in the apartment was, you knew it and would accordingly have to be careful. Therefore you will receive at least part of the blame.

Do you have an accident insurance?

When submitting dog insurance is a lifelong pension.

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