Dog has pain! But which?

Hey guys today I will give you what ask very important unzwar if my dog ​​gets up howls briefly! Just when he lies down, he howls too! It runs through the apartment and trembles! While running, he sometimes cries briefly! He will not eat anything! Although he is drinking but as I said do not eat! He does not want it outside Once I go to the door, he roars and trembles again! Need fast your help! PS: At the Tierarz I still go to him today but would still learn quickly what is. Thanks in advance ! LG Tropic Gamer

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This is a case for the TA. Could a severe bruise, a herniated disc, Analdrüsenentzündung or HD be. You see, there are many causes. Go to the TA, and tonight you're smarter.

Perhaps he has twisted the stomach. If you touch him on the belly and the belly is hard and the dog shows pain, then immediately to the vet! By this can die your dog !!! Otherwise ne remote diagnostics is hard ... Good luck!

A TA has a training of at least 6 years - there are various study programs and different things he has in practice to find the cause of pain ....... Of course, one could say that the dog possibly a problem with the musculoskeletal system. has - but having seen to say that without the dog is very unprofessional ....


I touch his stomach he has no pain, he makes nothing absoulut

Do you think actually that here are all veterinarians with telepathic abilities?

I'll never understand it why one asks rather only unqualified layman and if it then must necessarily be followed by the opinion of an expert sounds.

In these symptoms, there may be dozens of different "remote diagnostics". What have you gained by it?

Go to the veterinary clinic because the dog needs fast good help.

Need fast your help!

Here no one can help and do not say what the dog is missing. Tremors and anorexia indicates pain. Possibly he has joint pain.

Only a veterinarian can help, and this you should also necessarily still seek! All this does not sound good!

Be patient until you (after) the vet are ... we can only speculate what the animal could have ... and that helps nix.

Get well for your dog

Remote diagnostics and speculations are meaningless. Bring anything you and especially your dog. TA is the way and quickly

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