Dog has panic firecrackers

Hello my dears,

My dog ​​Jack russel three years has very afraid of firecrackers! When you hear the firecrackers only in the house she becomes scared and do not want to get out, let what eat! She hides and trembling all day.

Do you know a few tips on how you can alleviate this fear ???

I look forward to your answers! Greetings dina

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Hello 87Dina, I can well understand, because the dogs have really scared as before. I would in your place, the dog retain you as best they can and quietly persuade repeatedly, which will not hurt themselves. The animals then suffer greatly, but since taking the fewest consideration strikes. Or you may have one train with, so that the fear in the summer of thunder is noticeably less. LG.KH.

That the animals is as afraid normal, I would then not bring out New Year's Eve, perhaps again by 12 go half or three-quarters of the loo and then again when it's all over. When my dog ​​it helps if I bring him into the living room, blinds shut and then some music (classical)) turn up. You can him of blankets and pillows to build a cave, in which he can then hide. If even one remains with him, just to give i security that would be no problem for him.
Good luck! ^^

About the main banging away on New Years at home with the dog and stay in the apartment. She feels safer. But the fear will you can not take.

Calm the dog but did not feel sorry for him. We have a Welsh Terrier who last year had his first New Year's Eve. Just as normal behavior and the dog will see at some point that all is well.

Although it is difficult to ignore is the best way. By speaking well or caress you confirm only the fear of your dog. let Maybe it will help you also if you make over the year times Silvester workout :) Just empty bottles fall so the dog realizes that he does not crash helped :) Also, there always has to make a CD out loud. The TV is usually too exciting, especially celebrate with loud people on New Year's Eve in the TV;)

Best wishes and good luck with your puppies :)

Of course, best be easy for the dog there and try to calm him gently. Although, if everything else fails .. I'm not a fan of it .. But there are also special sedative .. Just for Silvester need that many dogs as they spin at all firecrackers and rockets.

Desensitizing and longer over time. In a safe distance blast ignited while you feed the dog. A scary moment is ok, may frighten he / she so, after a while he gets used / it to it. It always leave on a leash, about 0.5-1m long.

In our it has greatly reduced the fear.

And let otherwise always be nearby and available to the dog, but not betüdeln.

Unfortunately I know no relief except be there for them and they appease with your voice .... dogs need encouragement. U u if you heat giving her a sense of normalcy, then it should be better. Was at least in my way .... LG

This is unfortunately so many dogs ...... also the son of my dog ​​...

Since I have at last year Silvester think ..... dog held out all day, did not go walkies. Eventually we managed to lure the dog by the front door to get out. The moment went back a blast going on .... and faster than we were able to watch, he suddenly stood in the garden on the terrace door !! Did not that of being too behebige dog can run as fast ...-))

One should the dog not leave you alone, comfort him ..... at the pharmacy there Rescue drops that get should you absolutely ....

Happy New Year

I have already repeatedly heard and it is this fear of dogs have also been thieves made years ago to own and have broken into the New Year's Eve at a sprawling neighbor ... first scared the dog and then had access.

I do not know if you can overcome the ever in dogs ..... many have with their four-legged friends that he not entrench the Koller gets in the house in a corner.

My buddy always puts his dog in the big bad and makes the radio on

Now prevent the pounding, and wait for the year loud music with the dog until it's over!

As we had our dog, it was exactly the same. He was terrified. We have spoken much Silvester with our dog and petted him affectionately. Particularly locked ears with both hands when it popped. It helped. Today we do it with our cat too. He has also terrified when it pops out. .....

Last year I got a radio report about heard who said that you have gewönen the mind thus eg CD sounded with knaller. But that you should not start 2 days before new year but as one month prior. : D

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