Dog has red bump under eyes (with image)

Hey I have a 2 year old Shitzu Rüde.Mir noticed that he a little bump under the eye it does not hurt that he behaves normally. What do you think I should to the vet? Do you think it was dangerous?

The best answer

Best always to the veterinarian if you have any fear. Animals can not tell if they hurt something or will not, unfortunately. Therefore, rather once too much to the doctor, as too little.

I would advise you to go vet much luck yet :)

let time draufschauen the vet, so something can also quickly zoom in and the smaller it is the faster it is to treat.

What do you think I should to the vet?

Yes, in any case. Something can also spread and should be investigated!

And what it is, can only say a vet!

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