Dog has red eyes ?!

Hey dear I have a nearly 5 month old Aussie puppies. And the eyeball so the white in the eye is very red with him ... You can not see mur veins but the white is generally so reddish. It looks as if he was tired ... but he has almost always: / What could it be? Driving today anyway to vaccinate as we would ask but you could me vt trzd help? Thank you:)

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Go immediately to the doctor. The best a specialist, all eyes herbalists for animals. We had something times as a consequence of worming. The eyes were then fire red, eye pressure was significantly increased (50 instead of 8), she was blind even for 3-4 days. With the eyes I would be really careful. We even consequential damage with long-term medication.

Unfortunately, normal veterinarians, not necessarily all subject areas in view, as indeed each specializing in something else, which is why they had received at the beginning a wrong medication. The few days had been very important, now sees only 10% and 70%.

So sensitive to each case at the vet and let clarify what that is. Before, I would personally be making no vaccination, because that can attack the immune system again. Toxins are usually utilized by the kidney and liver, but can also occur in the eye, it may be so that your dog vaccination does not tolerate, because it is probably already struck.

Just as a tip from me, which now has an almost blind dog by the wrong treatment = /.

because you have to wait to the vet

but you could me vt help trzd?

no, as well!?!? Something can have many causes! Must wait resulting in the investigation at the vet!

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