Dog has scalded

Hello, I've just something terrible happened: I wanted to make a cup of tea and as I have taken down the pot I tripped over a ball of our puppies (dachshund). I'm like, the water rumgespritzt everywhere and the dog got something on his head. I immediately cooled with cold water, but he now has white spots on the head and a few minor blisters on the mouth and between the eyes.

So pain, he just seems to have no, but the bubbles make me worry already. You avoiding me now of course. How long will it take until the matter has healed and I have to befüchten slightly due to hair loss, etc.?


ps: it still bounces just the same content with my brother through the area as before

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Go to the vet before something ignites. He can determine the degree of combustion and tell you how long it takes until it is healed and what you can do.

Definitely go to the vet. Although they rumspringt, that does not mean that all is well.

You might want but Colloidal Silver in the pharmacy or get the best buy on the Internet at 100ml 25ppm.

In the Apo they often sell old, none or want a crap.

The silver water is antibacterial - a kind Antibiothekum ​​but of course. The great thing is, you can not only prevent infections and fight but it makes a great healing.

It actually belongs in the medicine cabinet as it is great for all wounds in humans and animals and as a combustion once is really good.

Replaces course not the vet.

How long will it take until the matter has healed

You should definitely go to the vet! According to your description it seems anyway to be a hard scald. This can help and also what give the dog for the pain only a veterinarian.

Although he merrily jumps now, the pain will make themselves more noticeable when the dog goes to sleep and the body comes to rest!

Honestly, if I scald my dog, I would not be on the Internet, but would our veterinary clinic on the phone to us to sign "as an emergency" and would at the same time with the dog already on the way to the car.

Hello !

Wound healing depends on many factors extremely (!!!) so we can not answer that generalizes, depends also on the severity of the wounds.

go Ideally the vet and appraised the gravity of the wounds.

LG playmate

If in doubt, just once to the vet.

Hmm so I can not say anything to you, but you should definitely go to the vet

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