dog has shaggy fur

Hei I have a small pointed and usually have the yes "falling" smooth hide my but has dried up shaggy hide what can I do? Pinkypink123

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I can only agree with the opinion of the other. I have my Pomeranian since he is 1.2 years old, he received hitherto only dry food. We give him usually only fresh stuff (min. 3 days a week). His coat has totally changed. It is beautifully supple and shiny :-) grooming we do only 1x a week. And it is important not to wash often. This means that only points that are really dirty washing water. And only use shampoo when the dog stinks.

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dried-shaggy fur what can I do?

that possibly is due to poor diet. Most foods contain too much grain that dogs do not get. Adjusting to high quality feed with min. 60% meat content. Or Barfen (Fresh Meat Raw Food). Google times thereafter and ran like smart about it.

How often do you bathe because your dog?

And very important for the dogs health and, indeed, a great coat is optimum fodder

Fell problems are 90% identical to the feed together.

What are you feeding?

Is there corn in it?

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