Dog has tasted dry skin and everything!

Hey: D So my bitch has extremely dry skin (dandruff). We've been to the vet and gave our dog as a means in the neck (against fleas). But iwie brings nothing. You krazt still and I feel that our TA will always just rip us off, because we see no flea dirt etc. mites she repays not with olive oil we have it already tried. Even daily vacuuming and they stopped to bathe (Tip of the TA). We think that she has no more fleas, we do not find and also you no flea bites ... Does anyone have an idea what we could do?

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For a better understanding: your dog had fleas?

If so, the dry skin is only occurred, or before?

Have you bathed the dog for fleas, or even before that?

What he gets to eat?

LG Melanie

Feeding I would definitely switch to more fresh meat. For food you can daily. 2 tbsp. Kaltgepr. give linseed oil. Also times Quark with egg yolk and a little oil. Outwardly I'd the worst places with organic coconut oil rub. This is great for the skin and is effective against bacteria and parasites. If the dog licks the oil that is not a problem, since it can also be eaten with various ailments.

Just as the whole sound for me, even after some of the comments I've read, your dog has possibly a food allergy or reacts strongly to one of SpotOns against fleas. Should there be a reaction, you can be glad that he only scratches and not everything is inflamed and festering. This chemistry lobes are pure horror.

Definitely stop using the chemicals and switch to a better feed. It's not difficult, Frolic at the very bottom in terms of quality. Check that you get something without cereals with little carbohydrates and as much meat. A Karnivor should have 70% meat in the diet, which does not get most of finished feed back, which is why we feed our dog raw. Have thus a meat / offal / bones 90% of the rest is fruit and vegetables. As one chooses all items yourself, you know also what is in it and does not have to rely on the feed manufacturer's instructions (some substances are not declarable and thus ends up much Unhealthy the feed).

Just a tip from me. A high-quality wet food with a lot of meat also helps already. So you also covers the water balance better than kibble and it attacks the stomach lining less at.

What do you feed? Without information, one may very schelcht advise.

If the TA taken a scrapings, to find out whether and which parasites are there?

Please never bathe the dog when he gets time really dirty, wipe it with water, in an emergency, and then only to the most affected areas with degreaser (Shampoo) drangehen if the dog lies down in old oil or something. Otherwise never! It may be that the dog is scratching solely by the Baderei. The destroyed for a long time the acid mantle of the skin, parasites such as mites or fungi / lichens can settle easily. There we take half a year until the house is recovering.

If the dog had Flöeh it daeeert a while until they are all dead and you have to free the whole apartment it. To this was here already thousands of questions and answers.

It may also be that your dog no longer tolerate the waste feed. Frolic is one of the worst-lining, there is.

Dandruff can also be a sign of stress.

If no more fleas are there, you should use no SpotOn zeugs that things are pure chemistry and help they do in most cases.

I would now only times change the feed on healthy food and watch. Also use any SpotOn that often trigger rashes from.

Our dog has that too. He places the fur, which he has so licked that you see the skin. Diagnosis TA: No fleas or other critters. Possibly an eczema. The homeopathic remedy (aloe vera ointment) did not help. Now we smear him shortly before the 'going out normal Bepanthen, then he is distracted and it can move. Mittlerweile- after 2 weeks - is a slight improvement is seen. Our dog is more than 2-3x showered in (not bathed!), Because that destroys the protective lipid layer on the skin.

The dog has conspicuously dry skin ... How do you get on the diagnosis? What does the flea infestation to deal with dry skin? Why did the dog because constantly bathed? What did you do with the olive oil made? ...and why? Flea infestation does not dry skin remedies ... the act be instilled into the neck of my knowledge not a preventative against fleas ... should vacuuming it anyway at least once a day ... What else did you done to escaped you and your home?

What is it for a dog? Puppy or adult dog? Dry skin with dandruff and possibly hair loss may indicate a thyroid disorder ...

bathe dogs again is nonsense! Only when it is absolutely necessary because of stinking muck, then rinsed dogs lukewarm from and uses very little of dog shampoos ...

So what do you do?

Nourish the dog reasonable! ... That is, not with any finished feed but with an ordinary dog ​​food with> 50% of meat and grain free accessories ... Find out times about barf for dogs ...

What you feed it?

Many dogs respond to too much grain in the diet ...

On the other Vet !!

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