Dog has terrified of plastic bottles and bags


If I only lifted the bottle she runs already gone. Eigendlich it would not care but he sucks when I drink what's it been as far away. And when I open a bag, it is also the same way. If a bottle of creaks somehow then it is also just over the hills. She is now 9 and had otherwise never before so rustling fear.

If a bottle next to her bed is not going as down but watched from a safe distance further the "creepy" thing.

Do you have tips?

thank you

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The best answer

aged dogs often get to us inexplicable fears.

if it is greedy I would lure with food. I would always feed near the bottle throwing first further away and closer.

Otherwise you can put anywhere and not aware at all easy ne wrong with taking. Some dogs are vertärkt fear when they observed.

My dog ​​is scared when things fall down, but that came from an unpleasant experience in the trunk.

As would I me times on the network or even better inform in a Erziehungsratgeber or dog trainer. Something many dogs that can wegtrainieren well.

Heii :) Connect these "evil" objects with etwasem she / he likes :) for example. His / her favorite Leckerlie heist example. You nimmest a bottle hinterdem back forth (mur before and immediately hide) and give him / her a treat or whatever he likes :) Then you can extend the time ... and always stop at the positive ... Finally finally he it has so linked are you doing to object to the dog (are holding him to object to the belly) parted again ran until he keeps quiet, then you take it away and belohnst ... and that you do with two objects! But do it with patience and listen dear little earlier on it positively too late and you're making a rückschrit

The only question is why the dog reacts that way. he was beaten once by someone with such a thing?

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