Dog has the tail down

Hello, My Dog Has been all day the tail down, this may be nutürlich he can be sad but if I want to place the tail again yes it pains (he, incidentally, a donut cock so always upright) is his tail might angeknackst oderso?

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He may also have been injured on his tail ... Or he feels uncomfortable ...

not squeezed dogs which clamp the tail / hang, create the ears, the eyes have a plaintive expression per se or so show significant discomfort or pain ...

Better go to the doctor if he continues to behave! Bes. If he eat which also refused ...

Go definitely to the vet !! In my opinion, it sounds not right to

LG Nana

Presumably the dog is in pain. Turn thee bitteman a veterinarian!

Could it be possible that he really is in pain, he eats because he or romped with you around? If he behaves somehow different than usual?

As the veterinarian is required., The ssssollte the time to investigate.

When a dog is in pain, then you go with him to the vet!

But if I know you, you have the vet anyway scheduled early fixed for tomorrow.

go to the vet

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