Dog has vitamin deficiency?

Hey, My dog ​​has now extreme scale, like never before, I am assuming that it any vitamins or nutrients are missing, you might have an idea what? Otherwise he never desquamates actually.

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can you here not just tell the vet on site ... often does that happen wen dogs stress have, new environment, new experiences, or even visits to the vet she suddenly extremely hair or dandruff

Hi a lack of nutrients can only investigate the veterinarian and treat. On good now seem something may give rise to even out badly for the dog.

The cause must be corrected, so your feeding needs to be reviewed and adjusted. You can supplementation as quick help Cafortan now.

What you feed because that you suspect a defect? he Juckt Also?

There may also be a fungus or mites or even an inadequate diet or even an allergy ....

... And what do you get your dog to eat?

What is it for a dog?

How many times the dog because bathed? Frequent bathing destroy the natural skin protection ...

Remote diagnostics do not help - because the dog knows that only a visit to the vet ...

Such information can not lay create> vitamin deficiency <

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