Dog hiccups or poor nutrition?

Good Morning,

Our dog has sometimes hiccup a kind, so he turns all the time licking its snout. And then all excited and wants then always eat EVERYTHING. Be it curtains, cushions, not matter. But after a few minutes it is usually gone or he wants to get out and eat grass. Then everything is great again. Is he trying to throw up then? Because he was in the beginning, where we have got it just made, if it has what is not tolerated.

What is missing from the poor? :(

Thanks in advance

The best answer

What is missing from the poor?

which can have various causes, possibly may also be a stomach problem.

More to you can learn by following this link:

http: // ....

But you should go to the vet and times can examine the dog. One also wants to be sure that everything is in order! All the best!

This could be heartburn. Then give Just try him a piece of dry bread.

Your dog wants to be sick ... So he just eats everything he can get ...

This "lick their mouth" is something like when people say "I am running the spit salivating" shortly before vomiting ...

The dangerous thing about the event is that the dog without paying attention to any dangerous things easy to swallow everything tries to subsequently easier vomit it together with the rest of the stomach contents.

If it happened at night preferably, then you can the dog Heilerde in some water Stir and let him eat it or give on his food ...

Then deleted the "acid regurgitation"

Heilerde you get in the drugstore and supermarkets

If my dog ​​licks his snout, then takes's only seconds and vomits.

Guess your dog will go now similar. Verucht to vomit, but it probably does not always work. And to eat grass is another indication.

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