Dog hobbles back right outwards ?!

Hello my dog ​​(3 years old) limps back right and the leg goes outwards when running which is always only after but play prop only when I really much running was so even at the vet and who thought his bands are too long! he has dan get inflammation- inflammatory tablets, but it has not improved, I also go on Monday the same again to the vet! (If it gets worse, I'm of course for emergency !!) repays I got him something today on the run meadow he can also run much and now he limps back it :( otherwise top fit and he runs and he also shows nich it may be that he has pain or so nich when it scans you had something probably know when your dogs? if so how have treated her and went the back away? our vet said that if it is not better never may race again :(

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Because let some games draufschauen a good osteopath. Perhaps additionally physiotherapy that sometimes seems Wunder.Es are many symptoms that a TA can not necessarily be clearly assigned. Everyone has just as his specialty. Especially with musculoskeletal problems one comes with osteopathy sometimes further.

sounds like HD! my has been well .I half a year in treatment without success .erst as I pulled one another physician, I had exactly. At the moment he is doing wiedermal very bad, is the weather! Let X-ray him !!!

He scored dan inflammation- inflammatory tablets, but it has not improved

if the treatment does not work, I would go to a veterinary clinic. They have more experience and better opportunities than most normal veterinarians! All the best!

Stop the vet ... Otherwise, it's me unfortunately been difficult rauszulesen a question.

If my dog ​​is limping, I observe that for a few days, but if you already were at the vet, had the yet to suggest treatment methods you?

By the time I'd see these symptoms my dog ​​for the 2nd time, I was with the dog to the vet.

Would the veterinarian give me such an unsatisfactory information and just try to with anti-inflammatory tablets "cure", the vet would see us just go out ...

Signaling the dog either with a veterinarian specializing in orthopedics at or worried you an appointment at a regular animal hospital.

Do you have any Koreans in?

Otherwise go to the vet.

Intervertebral disc.

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