Dog home alone?

Hi, I once needed your advice unzwar comes at 11.4 a dog to us it is already 10 months old. She knows it well not to remain alone but they will be collected and Monday on a Saturday it's back for me to work (6 hours). How can I do that now, you can get used to the dog within two days it? I would appreciate your answers. Sorry, we're the dog does not bring sooner or later because it does not fit the owner of. Best regards

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get used to a dog in the age within 2 days about being alone, you can completely forget. The little guy is already need more than two days to get used to only to you and the new environment. You have to imagine you are suddenly completely somewhere else, without someone whom you know, that reminds without something at you home.

This change is seen by some way too easy, but for a small dog that is completely unfamiliar wei another life.

A dog to bring new and then have the same alone is simply irresponsible! Who should be clear that he invest almost all his time for the dog MUST anschafft a dog!

I make you a bad thing prescribe. But I beg you. Participating you leave. Do not let him alone so quickly, it takes time and workout!

We have begun that we have left in a room alone 10 and praise 5 minutes then so on and always very bad! Then you can leave time but not long the house! And again beautiful praise and positively reinforce (Treats)

And so the work step by step getting longer!

Give her time. Geb her the time she needs. Everything else is just torture.

I hope I could get around to rethink ...

The dog needs weeks if not months to get used to it and then there is also a maximum of 4-5 hours. 6 hours are mE too much, especially daily.

If the dog is not accustomed to it may well be that he uses the time to remodel your home according to his wishes. Let's see if he proves taste.

You know not how he reacts if he does in the apartment or something. Many dogs show this stress, which is not healthy and in destructive acts, nibbling, scratching, Koten, urination, continuous barking, e tc. can express.

I think the collection of dog absolutely rushed and not ok for the animal.

At worst, the animal suffers a trauma and something you just get hard out again.

Why not premeditated you look at something really?

Sometimes I have to say quite honestly is nauseated me when I read such things ....

Even if the dog could have left alone, are brought out a dog and gives him exactly 1 day to settle in, I do not even like the exact circumstances are and want neither you nor the former owners condemn, but is likely to be something not accurate and especially organized one does not it a bit dog-free?

What do you mean how it is when one is taken out of its normal environment and then in the new right on the 2nd day you are there alone is left, you do not even know where you are now, whether this or that comes back, what about the old people why there are so and so no longer.

Then looking at the very least that someone there is in the first time, can the dog-sit this too is now dimensioned very short, but you let today this question and have you learned today only that you get the dog on Saturday?

Why informed you do not forher and why must the link with soooo much stress for the dog that sounds to me to always act as if the dog simply has to accept it, but that's NEN creatures, you feel some games only a little into which dog ...

The 2 days and stay alone kannste way wrinkles that will not work, not least because the dog already takes a much longer time to settle in, so it can from uncertainty be that the dog once remains completely calm and nothing; but, he has settled down, the whole turn into devastation, destruction of objects, caterwaul, barking and sometimes depending on how high the stress levels, also faeces and urination ...

Nothing at all! A dog needs several weeks to months, until he has become accustomed to sometimes a few hours to remain alone. If you 6 hours leaves alone the dog every day, which is far too long - even if he has gewhönt reasonably thereto. Why do you get yourself ever a dog, if you want the same applied from the outset no time for him?

The dog must otherwise in an animal shelter. And because the rest of the days it will remain an hour alone. We will often go to the horses, etc. together. There are really only those 6hrs.

that does not work - no dog accustomed to in such a short time to the can be alone! you need for your pet sitter a abweenheit

you have otherwise rechenen so that you'll find a completely diluting it up dog, a destructed apartment university and annoyed neighbors when you return back ...

a tierhiem would be better because the dog can then be transferred to people who really time and verstaendins for him!

The dog does not know you and his new home and also not to remain six hours alone from the 3rd day.

Neeeee that forget sometimes quite quickly.

Even an adult dog you get used to it slowly, should have to stay more than 4 to 5 hours alone.

You seem to be Beratungsresistent .... wiso You ask all then if that works? You'll notice that it just does not work! By the time you get home then on Monday, your neighbors you catch just beyond the front door and complain about the unbearable barking from your home and when you open the door and admire your device destroyed allowed to and even discover the excrement between the ... animal will most likely still in the same week end up in the shelter because you have you that yes wanted something else. I do the dog sorry!

No! take free or whatever else you! a dog can not sit in 2 settle .. you have to do it slow, so first 5 minutes of the period, then on and on, otherwise the dog "verlassungsängste" you have could check with the owner whether they are "in advance for you start could ". but a young dog can not in 2 days eingewöhen .. you she can not leave 6 hours alone! one thinks before acquisition. God, give the brain ..

Not at all. Six hours is equal to long for a ten-month-old dog from now on. You have him getting used to being alone, or he might pluck you apart your device. Can not take care of the dog in time? Parents grandparents?

And again not thought of the animal ...

Schöööööön ... we get a dog ...

Oh, that's because bad ??? ... Will surely know in two or three days, that he needs to have fun for hours alone ...

Yes, a dog you want to have all, and then the animal is purchased thoughtless ...

Lord, throw a XL-serving brain down ...

If before the acquisition of an animal or a dog knows that he must remain for hours alone on a regular basis, then you can be the purchase !!!

How can I do that now, you can get used to the dog within two days it?

Forget it - which may not provide the dog ...

... and you can as well do anything possible.

Not ... something will take weeks to years

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