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let's take a working woman creates a puppy and takes the jaherurlaub au once the adjustment period after 4 weeks should they go to work, but resist. is the dog in the 4 weeks housebroken? and if not what they do then?

The best answer

Possible, but unlikely. There are dogs that need up to 1.5 years to be vollaständig housebroken.

In addition I can never leave alone a puppy, a young dog can only a certain time individuelöle remain alein. And very important: NOT ALL DOGS MAY ALEINBLEIBEN LEARNING - do die if they must be alein.

So you do not have family supports ma should get a puppy but einemn adult dog formed bereitzs. Alternatively, one could notify as Gassigeher the shelter.

From idea NEN puppy / young dog in the Huta give I do not believe

I have dogs for years and work anyway. In puppies I usually only a week off. Of course, we then looked in the family, as we have managed it with holidays or children (as they have enough but already be). And it went well. Without that the dog has a lot whined or something destroyed. Of course, we have the time of staying alone increased slowly, have ensured that the daily schedule agreed (in the morning was always "rest period" and play came only from noon). I think so that just dogs can adapt well to our daily rhythm and our lives and paste, especially if one chooses a family dog ​​a quiet representative balanced by nature race. In a high-performance workhorse, which was bred for work (hunting, herding ...) or the dog sport for generations, of course this can be very different and also cause problems on both sides (dog and owner).

is the dog in the 4 weeks housebroken?

No, a young puppy is not observed in the situation over a longer period. Housebreaking can sometimes take several months!

Lies you ask here sometimes by as many people here every day why the dog for months, even years, not "clean" is.

Incidentally, a puppy must also be alone first time learning, it can also take months. Otherwise he will howl from separation anxiety all the time, barking and howling, and contaminate the apartment and destroy.

Then she has a problem. Because the dog is then grade by 4 months old. He should not be alone any longer than an hour, etc. Best not at the first year. In addition, dogs are housebroken rarely within 4 weeks. Especially when the woman 8 hours a day working then who cares about the dog? That would once again super selfish and only for the benefit of the holder ..

This is a NOGO!

A puppy needs to be sure housebroken and can it then also not be alone all day long! A dog must learn in small steps, to be left alone and in 4-5 hours is then end!

If anyone can bring a dog without dzu torment connect the dog.

So I then brought my puppy at 9 weeks of a great breeder and she was already housebroken!

So yes: in four weeks you can do it!

A working woman is not suitable as a dog owner.

A dog needs regular contact with the master / mistress - it's time in exceptional cases an absence of 2 hours (even that you have to train yourself long) but not more.

In the interests of the poor animal:

Leave it to the dog ownership.

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