Dog - How can I convince my parents?

Hello first;) I wish already looooong long a dog have already experiences with them <3 Now it is so, we live in a house with a large garden, more rural. A dog would also fit well in our everyday life ... although there were 2 problems because of the time, however, for I have solutions. I am also of the responsibility and cost aware that we will accept. This would be no problem. Now think my parents that I after a certain time no desire have to go walk the dog ... what's wrong -.- I go now practically every day with the dog my godmother walkies. I do not know what a problem my parents ... I wish it to me so much, and I have often talked to my mother about it, and although she says she'd like to make this wish so, but it can not. .. I love my parents and also try to understand their side ... but somehow you can not. Please help me ... lg ¨ Important information about me: I am 14 years old and go to secondary school ... My grades are eig very well, so okay.

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Hi so I understand your wish, but I think your mother's record speaks volumes. ... Namely she says she'd love to fulfill this wish, but it can not ...

Can's different than not. This may have the reason that possibly the money is not enough, one of you hire has a dog allergy or health so restricted the dog hair is not permanently good would (asthma, COPD for example.). It may also be that they would not provide the work, she has been with you one of life and is certainly to work more or? That's a lot that needs to manage your mother; carry household, doing paperwork, go shopping, keep you in a good mood and a bisel they will also still have determined from their lives.

And you say now with 14 years you forever always want to go with your dog for a walk .... the can you not even say for certain. The dog is indeed usually already at least 10-18 years old. In 2-3 years you go into a training and can no longer walk with your dog for a walk, because then you are working, at least 3 times would not be done daily. Who then goes out with the dog? Who's watching him 9-11 hours a day on ?? And even if you do not go in training, but home stay, so you will lack the money to cater for the dog. With 14 is not yet so time with disco, bar and Co, but also will come and sit your dog home alone. What I want to tell you so, your mother will also think about the future and is just as I think that you should plan langfrisitg nothing in such a young age ... puberty is a miracle in itself and can not be assessed and your life is also not yet stubbornly ... maybe you'll find even an education, where you could take your dog to work and earn enough to be able to afford. But you may find even one training where you are 12 hours a day is no longer at home, one can not even say yes today. So please just wait until you have at least ever taken a determined career and also employers be okay for dog at work are. Then stehste aufjeden case advance significantly better off than now, because you can not keep your promise so basically, even if you certainly want.

I know your problem. I have and I would also still a dog. I am 15 and visit the 9th grade of middle school. We also have a large house with a beautiful garden. My parents have always been waiting for the perfect moment to a dog would fit into our family, because we have the house built only fresh (years ago 1 1/2) and all is not exactly ready. But it turned out differently than I have wished for. A former neighbor of us has found little sweet kittens (six months ago). We had stayed a cat and my parents immediately in love. I was not averse to it and I said "Yes, okey." but I always had in mind that would be because now the dog. Whether my dream would still meet. We now have our little cat "rascals" and my parents laugh every day about him, because he is really very awkward. I am often annoyed by him because he sometimes just yet like a baby ist..doch you know what I've noticed.? The gehen..das the Gassi I could not hold out. Look what you get in the next few years for stress at school, then your training is up. In both you write checks and have to learn to fall. Because, unfortunately, remains, even if you no matter how much like them, do not have time for a dog. I know of what I speak, and I do not know how it would go if you then you realize that you have no more time for your dog .. but me would the heart is tearing a thousand pieces. I beg you, go with the dog your godmother continue Gassi and have viiiel fun with him. He will thank you also, when you spend your spare time with Him. You'll see quickly that this was the right decision. And someday when you have controlled and structured your life, you are going you can fulfill the dream of your own dog. Now I wish you good luck and a little reason for your decision. :) LG Nadja


before continuing with the question tormenting yourself and your parents' dog yes or no ", you should do the following:

You's certainly aware that a dog min. 3 times a day out must total at least 2 hrs.. (The puppies we have now times sidelined).

So you stand in the next 3 months half an hour earlier on, in storm and rain, snow and ice - no matter - and going this half hour you spazieren.Wenn after school home come, you embark again at least one hour. long a walk, whether your friends are planning grade other things and unternehmen.Am evening again min. half an hour again a walk.

There are NO exceptions - and also the excuse "no dog is not stupid" does not apply. If you really want a dog, will you not be difficult for this "exercise" - because you must be clear: once the dog is fed, this scenario does not only play for 3 months, but many many years.

Whether the friends go swimming in the summer, if they want to go to the disco, whether it is storming, snowing, hailing, whether you feel like it or not !! I'm curious, how many days you these walks are already burdensome and thou "verschlampst". Thus, you probably soon realized that a dog can not only great, but also at times exhausting and "annoying".

And only when you've actually done it for 3 months (and NO exceptions) to meet this requirement, you should start with your parents again talking about a possible acquisition.

Good succeed


There are certain things whose decision to purchase lies solely with the parents. As much as the children are also convinced that they will always take good care of the animal, usually it remains mostly sometime depend on parents - and so be it, because you someday move out or go away to a strange city to study and then become elderly dog ​​has to stay with your parents because you can not take in any dorm or your first home him.

A dog is a different caliber, like a pet that you can keep in a cage. What do you do during the holidays with him? Travel your parents like? Then the dog goes with no (or very bad).

Finally, a dog is a family member, with the whole family must agree and not only a small part of it. Even if your mother would approve a dog, they still have to convince your father. If you do not, it looks bad ...

Having a dog, if you are not 1000% behind it, is not going well and constantly leads to discussions, because you disagree, what the dog can and can not and how to behave (or not).

And as for coaxing or convincing, so will you yourself might someday be noted that it is not so easy to be convinced of something that you do not want myself .... Imagine that you want someone of convince something you want and not have absolutely any reasons!

Do your parents again realize how much you wish for a dog, and for how long.

With arguments like "My godmother but also has a dog," I would not, however, try it does not work anyway: D

The best you will inform your parents exactly about the dog:

-which race


-Typical diseases


Mach perhaps a pros and cons list that is convincing and realistic. As a pro - argument would come to me now as that you do not live in a big city, and so go out with the dog can (A dog in a big city is, I believe, in fact not just advantageous). Besides, you have already experiences with dogs made, and know how you have to deal with them.

Be yourself but also be aware that you can not simply suspend the woods the dog if you do not want him. So you have to be quite sure whether you want a dog to you. A dog is a living being, not an object!

Also you the cost and time involved must be aware of (veterinarian, dog food, you / you would have probably every day at least 3 times the dog out, ...)

Think it over well and speak your parents again depends on if they have time and grade are in a good mood (So maybe rather not on a Monday night when stressed from work to come home)

Good luck :)

Now think my parents that I have no desire after a certain time to go for a walk with the dog

so have your parents also pretty and so it will come! Even if you are the now (yet) can imagine. But your interests, obligations and friends will change in the next few years, so that you have no interest, no time and no desire for the dog will!

Stop to edit your parents! Get a dog if you're an adult and you have enough time and own money for a dog have?

And soon you go in your education and the dog sticks to your mother. The know your parents exactly. You can not blame them that they want to bind once the children turn have to go out of the house. A dog is a similar commitment as a child.

We have our children many animals allowed but the dog came into the family because I wanted to. A dog is an animal that they acquire only because of the children.

Wait until you grow up and have their own apartment, then you can have what you want and allow as your rental agreement and your account balance so many dogs.

You are 14 years of age - I can your desire to have your own dog even understand very well - but it remains as it is: your free time is less ... your school days are getting longer ... your interests change ...

The work and the responsibility for the dog to stay on your parents hang ...

If you want to take a dog as a family member in the family, then all parties must want to keep the dog - because one assumes the responsibility IF with everything and BUT for the pet for the next 15 - 16 years.

... And that's not just a cost ...

So with "persuasion" is nothing ...

the purchase of a dog and the entertainment will cost some. (Steuern- Veterinarians Impfung- fodder) as you will manage that?

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