Dog howls at 0.00 am suddenly

Hello, we have a little Bolonka, 4 years. Last night (full moon), we are woken by a typical Wolfsjaulen. 2x. We are then but looked at our dog us totally oversleeping. someone of his dog knows? I know that only when our dog after anesthesia was awake because he has whined. Has that had to do with the full moon? But he has otherwise never made it to the time.

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Hello maren566! :-)

In my opinion and experience, this will be randomly coincided with 0:00 and the full moon. Dogs howl before, for quite a few examples were mentioned. Dreamt, an unusual noise, Alleingelassen etc. My dog ​​did when an ambulance / police drove with sound ...

Of course you / should you watch it on.

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So I know from my dog ​​that sometimes makes noises when she dreams. That goes from light buzzing over growl or hum, to a kind of chuckle or even to bark once or twice.

Since they often sleeping on the floor while we evening TV, we can watch them doing well. Therefore, it is also clear that she sleeps while she makes these sounds. Often their paws move it a little bit, so we have a feeling that she would dream that she walks or runs.

That has something to do with your dog with the full moon, I do not really believe. I suspect he has made these noises in his sleep. Maybe he heard something outside and - maybe even to be really awake without - "comments".

Best regards!

So right at the full moon I do not know. There came times before in our Dachshund, as all have left the house and he was bang on and case alone. He has also cried bitterly, as if a wolf inhabit our house. If we go separately, so did I, and an hour later, my friend, then he does not fuss. Let's go together, then howled.

Some road continues to live someone of seven huskies has. This howling always when the bells of the church tower on the hour. :)

perhaps also are really wolves near. cottages nothing unusual more. we also have that in the vicinity.

Is your dog bessen the devil? :O

ojee just to make sure I would not sleep with him in a room and possibly overnight lock in the basement to prevent further infection of other creatures!

Watch best times when it does not change to the vet and ask for advice

Dogs bark, growl, howl ever in sleep.

he Vlt also what belongs what aniniert him to howl. In my there are bells (is great if you next to a church lives) or sirens.

howl at the full moon is a myth even wolves do not howl at the moon.

I do not think your dog the full moon "be-yelps" ...

It may yet be that the dog "dream" has or had something to work in your sleep ...

So a wolf-howling must not worry ...

Many dogs howl and their people to if they do not want to stay alone at home ...

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