Dog howls crying

Hello, I have a short hair chiwawa (6-7monate old) and our trouble's just when my parents left the house he catch on to whine and cry and after a few minutes he is back to normal but after 10-15 minutes. he catch again, whether my brother or I are home trzdm he yelps. Some say when he is alone he feels lonely but that's not the problem, I am always at home. The worst thing with my mother. Once my mother out of the house is he catch on to whine. And moreover, he always wants out into the garden when my parents away from home are but if I let him out, he runs to the front door and wants to the street but that he must not.

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Only times to you:

YOU have a short hair - Chihuahua (you should know how to write the breed), then that would be your dog and then had the DU wanted.

Well so is this, if one wants to have a dog and it has then. Who's going with him for a walk and who has the Alleinesein taught him? If you had done from the beginning correctly that, then would sit without whining today.

Außerem you do not ever leave your dog in the garden, but the one goes out to work. Your dog has four legs and a snout, with which he sniffed out traces of other dogs and thereby also more pieselt.

It's YOUR dog and when you have had time in all the months to establish a close relationship with him? So how do you describe that your mother is the caregiver for him.

You are already under stress when you have to learn, I would not imagine how your "rest" looks, you should have gassi go at me. Your stress is transferred to the dog.

If you and your brother are at home and he yelps, why do not you then get him out? Would you have previously inquired better how to raise a Chi from Erten day, he would not whine when he is alone. At what point did you leave the ever first time alone? A puppy can be not alone the first time.

Probably your mother is the main caregiver for the dog ... You should the stay alone more UDN work slowly. Start with very briefly go outside and slowly increase ...

The dog must be left afraid of your mother.

Every time she goes away, it means pure stress for the little ones.

Please bring him alone be all over again from scratch at, so he does not have to suffer like this.

The bond to you, you should also build, but more important is that he learn that to be alone is not bad and it is coming back (above all your mother).

goes for getting out in one minute increments.

Say only several times going 1 minute. Then you come back again.

Then you do it for 2 minutes. Then, 5 and so on. Until he has learned.

But taking a step always until it works, then increase the amount of time only.

Your mother's just now his caregiver and not the rest of you, why is sad when your mother goes away and he yelps / crying. This is, however, in the course of time if he is sometimes so familiar with you as your mother.

You know how your I-Phone works ??? The breed name of your dog is Chihuahua ...

So it is children who have no idea of ​​dogs and their care have if the trustee goes away ...

Your mother should have taught the dog in small steps, how to cope with the Alone Stay.

I think the dog has to you and your brother not particularly close relationship of trust.

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