Dog in bus and train?

Hey people my question is how big can a dog when I take him to the ground or in bus? and it takes me an extra ticket?

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Usually, it is allowed, dogs alike take their size.

Except in the conditions of carriage which is excluded, then usually has a sign with a crossed dogs symbol at the entrance.

Regarding the cost of which is different from company to company.

Sometimes it's free, sometimes it costs something.

Since you asked myself before with the company, including one to calls or looks to the Internet.

If the dog is on leash, is not looked at the size. Normally runs a dog for a child ticket

So here in Nuremberg you can take any size prop each dog. However, should the dog unless a danger emanates from him, a be muzzled. The dog must be kept on a leash and also has no place on the seats. With us, the dog does a child ticket ... permanently expensive ._.

That depends on the conditions of carriage. , Take forced NO takeaway yes, size matter Ticket yes: public transport in normal circumstances. In almost full bus / train the animal must remain outside (own experience / basic and harassment is also understandable) if it is not just a Pekinese in your pocket. In remote buses and at the Federal Railroad the conditions are different, because you have questions.


Size does not matter. That would be the same as if little people would just buy a ticket and more people two. Whether you need a ticket, I do not think so. And even if, then you will say already modest the driver. ^^ If a sign on the bus or train is which is registered on that dogs are not allowed pillowslips, you can forget it anyway. Lg :)

You can actually take each size (how it looks at list dogs I do not know the exact degree). With me you have to buy an extra ticket for larger dogs. Since you had in your Verkehrsbetrieb ask / look

You can view the General Conditions for animals, just always read here dogs, the individual transport associations and Deutsche Bahn in the terms and conditions ...

Indeed, it is quite different controlled if you have to buy an extra ticket for a dog.

Dog in a bag or a box which then goes through as hand luggage, do not need extra ticket ...

Some transport companies also require wearing a muzzle ...

In Switzerland, up to 6kg, up to 30cm free

Well, that depends on your traffic group. Look on their website.

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