dog in garden

fragem, man can not race on because a current fence build dog to the permitted or prohibited?

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You want to set up an electric fence, because dogs are on your lawn? Then I would ask first at the municipal office, whether that is as simple welcome. In any case, you have to then set up warning signs - it could indeed turn engage children. Just planting dense shrubbery. Of course you could also - I do not know her situation, how often that occurs - Show the dog owner in order to keep future their dogs on a leash. lg Lilo

Question with your local municipality.

Since you probably want to do that in a residential area and not in rural areas where more could be expected of such a fence, you'll probably get into trouble there.

I would then build two fences, the normal fence means that characterizes the plot clearly as private property and as small children who can not read, keeps to enter your property. And the second interior, the electric fence for the dogs. A shield for safety, which refers to the current, additionally.

'D say this is cruelty to animals.

In addition, the dog does not learn that way. The trouble was only for the moment when the dog comes into contact with the flow and realizes that he can not go there solved.

why not? these fences are indeed otherwise placed anywhere around the grazing cattle on cut off to prevent. the security in question after in your community.

Bring your dog would prefer not to go in to the lawn. Otherwise he injured afterwards.

No, this is not permitted. But a normal fence well enough to block access dogs.

I would also prefer to practice! This current stuff is mega stupid and dangerous Vllt

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