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Hello, our dog, a Tibetan Terrier was for 4 days at a "lady" in care. When the dog dispensing She was told how the dog is to feed, veterinarian name and our phone number, when we picked up the, we got a real shock. The woman had shaved our dog. The whole face, the legs, shortened tail, Po shaved. The dog is totally intimidated and I know absolutely not what to do. The dog had diarrhea in the last days - probably the stress. The woman I get paid chump. Now in retrospect I'm busy thinking whether I should show it. What can you advise me?

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Important I find that you are now taking care of you intensively for your dog. Display might not bring much. Is she officially reported as a pension? If so, then I might contact the clerk's office. Or ASPCA. The are you sicherlichsagen what you can do.

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