Dog in the city? Selection, familiarization etc.

Dear potential counselor,

I think about 2 years zuzulegen a dog. Had been my first day of life dogs in my life and household. Since it comes from the Toy Poodle to tips about Caucasians and Malinois. Since I am now for about 2 years living in the city and come prop. From the country, it is difficult to predict for me, if it really wise is in the town to get a dog. Especially since I'm not a very big fan of Pomeranian and Co. After a long journey through the dog world, felt 100 books later and countless visits to trade fairs, I have come to the conclusion that the Samoyed me and my expectations of a dog is the most accessible. Mir to purchase such a dog is the definition of "life dream" very close. Sooo ... now my concern to ... Are there ways the dog during the day when you yourself are at work, entertain or utilize him a little? Are there specially in Leipzig offers, say dog ​​sitter, etc.? how can you fix it? and even a silly question, because I was always at home when new "offspring" came: enough to make 3 weeks around the puppy settle and how I imagine the in an apartment at the top?

The best answer

Hello Little Sweetie. Honestly I think you you ask the front something simple. You get taken between 8-12 weeks for the dog. An acclimatization may take 2-4 weeks. But that does not mean the puppy afterwards is housebroken. Mine was housebroken with 5 1/2 months of 100% and has the night held on through.

To be alone, quite honestly no dog should 8-10 hours a day alone. Even if a 18-20 hour dozing around, that does not mean that he likes to do it alone. At sudden aloneness leads in most dogs frustration stress, which leads to either the whole neighborhood the dog barks together or you destroy the whole interior.

if you yourself at work, entertain or utilize him a little?

When the dog is alone he is alone, many dog ​​owners ask here questions about aloneness dog. Ultimately, the question usually is "dog destroyed despite toys and chew bones, the furniture when alone"

Many hide holder treats but that's it for utilization. No dog should be 8-10 hours alone. And dogs can acquire also professionals people. The act responsibly. The dog can professionally take conditionally to work, part-time work and have a partner where you do complement each other well. Or take him to the office (as in my case).

8-10 hours irresponsible and not intended for the benefit of the animal. A puppy purchase that also single, forget it.

Without the support of friends, acquaintances, family, the first 6 months rum get hardly possible if one is full-time employed.

A full-time Professional man can buy a dog. the dog because of me 3-4 hours alone is (also taught properly) and is then picked up by a dog sitter and the rest of the time is executed and supervised. A puppy to start between the 5-6 month when they grow so slowly zoom to young dogs every minute being alone at. As an example, I have begun between the 5-6 month is now 14 months old and can no problems four hours to be alone without it barks or whines. Frustrated or to sheer stress on limbs chewing rum or all paws licking sore. Yes these are very bad things do the dogs when they are stressed out period.

Without the support and assistance it is for you puppy no. And a full-grown dog should be supervised and performed well after 3-4 hours alone. Everything else is selfish "have I want to think" the dog is accepted 8-10 hour alone. Could I in good conscience not agree, the dog should in between also may dissolve and do not necessarily hold for 8-10 hours.

Would me under these circumstances you mentioned a dog purchase of letzendes so long alone. Would I just ask if the dog would not now be made, the dog would get determined to an owner where the dog is kept appropriate to the species. Animal Love starts there, the one with a heavy heart and perceives not to be suitable for a dog, especially in your case, that would be a selfish acquisition.

If you have a garden, then yes. Samoyed I find a rather difficult race to educate - but is only my opinion - would suit me personally for the city then back to United. In a house with lots of stairs to such a great puppy wearing then increasingly more difficult and climbing stairs falls most puppies still very difficult.

Day Care course there and dog sitter also.

I also just 2 weeks vacation to settle my latest family member. It is something special (not a puppy like other dog owners here have experience with), because it was already after 3 hours total home with us. And except the first two days nothing went to the apartment. Sleeps she does almost all night, 22:30 to 5:30. out every 2 hours they must not.

However, one can not that for each puppy (dog) say that are so easy as mine. Now it hails equal flashes, because my puppy is already time to time a few minutes alone, you do it from nix. I hold absolutely nothing from 6-month rule - my learn everything and that from the beginning (who wants to do things differently - can do the like).

Your puppy will have certainly acclimated 3 weeks or less - but education needs but also up some more time. I would advise you a little older dog destined easier for you.

I think about 2 years zuzulegen a dog since I now for about 2 years living in the city and prop. from the country come it is difficult to predict for me, if it really wise is in the town to get a dog.

First, a time you should the owner in advance to ask for permission.

If the apartment is too small, then that is not good.

Are there ways the dog during the day when you yourself are at work, entertain or utilize him a little?

Either you have someone taking care around the time of the dog or you should purchase a dog,

For a dog that is in the apartment alone, that smells like trouble with neighbors and landlord also is for the dog auich not great, long to be alone.

Three weeks is not enough.

One must not leave a puppy alone for 6 months, and only then do you start to teach him that. If you bring the puppy directly after 3 weeks throughout the day to a sitter, he will sooner or later no longer know to whom he really belongs. I think that could be a problem.

I also wonder if you are you quite sure of the breed choice. So an animal needs a tremendous amount of employment.

Could you take him to work and utilize tidy it before work, at lunch and after work that would go, but such a situation I would want to bother with any animal.

No dog is allowed to stay longer than 4 hours alone.


in3 weeks normally not housebroken yet aleinbleiben possible. Aleinbkleiben shall wait 6 months and only if dog has learned uind also could learn. Some dogs die when they have aleinbleiben - others make terror.

Sure there are Huta, Gassigeher and stuff. Determines asuch in Leipzig. But honestly let it be.

Samoyeds are like all Nordic, not easily. You need experience and the dog needs plenty of physical uznd mental workload. The never schaffstz duz alone.

Meld you prefer the next shelter as Gassigeher.


to keep a dog in a city that is possible.

Keeping a dog means giving up a lot of his personal freedom. The dog ownership is a rather costly affair.

If a dog to his new man, the dog for approximately 6 months should not be left alone. A dog has to get used to its people, it must be established a relationship of trust, it must create a (strongest possible) bond between dog and man.

If these basic requirements are fulfilled, the dog, while the own working, are housed in a dog daycare. I consider accommodation in a dog daycare for more reasonable than to let your dog alone at home.

Do you trust yourself to be able to train your dog? Maybe you need the help of a professional man for dogs. Another cost factor.



3 weeks are not enough to a puppy zubekommen housebroken and be alone to bring him in. 3 weeks a candle, the dog acclimated.

And Samoyeds are no more or less city dog ​​as other breeds. but Samoyeds are no Anfüngerhunde and they need a lot of employment.

You need min. Several months to a dog that has learned to be alone.

Huta and Sitter there are pretty much everywhere.

A dog does not belong in the city unless you can repeatedly go or go to the dog run area with him daily.

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