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Hello everyone, I'm leaving tomorrow by train route. We normally have Tickets.wir but our dog mitnehmen.sie is about 1 year old and about 40 cm high. My question is, can I take them just like that or I have to pay or do I do it in a pet carrying bag (but have not)? Tell me, will your experience with dog on the train.


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may I take them just like that or I have to pay or do I have to do it in a pet carrying bag

in a bag or box of dog is regarded as hand luggage and you have to pay nothing. Without transport must be paid for the dog. He must then also be muzzled.

Dogs (up to the size of a domestic cat) are transported at Deutsche Bahn now. During the journey, the dog must be housed in a waterproof transport case which does not exceed the size of an overnight bag darf.So can relax go on vacation. If the dog is slightly larger and will not fit in a hand luggage large transport containers, pay owners the half fare. This applies - as reported by Deutsche Bahn - both the regular price and for the low prices in the long-distance transport.

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And if you take your dog on the train, you have to buy a ticket for half price solve (child ticket), except the dog is small and fits into an animal stall, then the transportation is free.

either your dog travels in a box or bag with and then when your hand luggage to see, or you buy a "child-Ticket" ...

To reread all this is under

Muzzle your dog must also bear much I missed

na thou shalt diligently consider yes seeeehr early -at 40 cm height you have to pay because it does not fit a pocket n.

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